IMX28 Release notes

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The release notes below apply to devices (TCIS-x, TCIV-x, TKIS-x, TMIS-x, TFIE-x, TKIE-x, TFIX-x, TFIX-x-V2, IPHDT-x, IP-LCM, ECPIR-3P, VR3G-x, ELSIR-10CM, ELSII-10HM, ELSII-10LHM, ELSII-10LHM, ELSII-10PM, Exigo IP speakers, ENA2200, ENA2400-AC/DC, ENA2100-AC2, ENA2200-AC2, ENA2400-AC2 (SIP and ICX AlphaCom mode) and ENA2060-DCx (only in SIP mode) based on the IMX28 processor. For a full overview of devices click here.

Version 8

Version 7

Version 6

Version 5

Version 4

Verison 3

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