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This document provides the release notes for VSF-Turbine 5.1 with incremental bug fix releases. The release notes for VSF-Turbine 5.1 describe improvements and bugfixes after VSF-Turbine The new features releated to IC-EDGE is described based on IC-EDGE 5.0.


Release info

Name: VSF-Turbine
Description: VSF-Turbine is a firmware archive for Zenitel devices based on the IMX28 processor.

The firmware is delivered in a ZIP archive:.

  • vsft-5.1.x.x - Used for standard in-field upgrades

Date: 14.02.2020
Status: General Availability Compatibility: Pulse to IC-EDGE System
You can upgrade from Pulse (VS-IS 4.x) to IC-EDGE, but the whole system needs to run with the same Turbine software (VS-IS 5.1).
In an IC-EDGE System, INCA intercoms cannot be used as the Edge Controller.
TCIV video intercoms should not be used as the Edge Controller for systems exceeding 4 devices.
IMT 1.5 can be used for station discovery and upgrade but must not be used to configure IC-EDGE.
Pulse to IC-EDGE Licenses
Pulse licenses will be honored in an IC-EGDE System. This means that when you upgrade firmware from VS-IS 4.x to 5.x your Pulse licenses will work for IC-EDGE.

Note icon The number of free VS station licenses has been increased from 16 to 32 in IC-EDGE. This means that you get an additional 16 VS stations to connect to in IC-EDGE

Note icon Both Multisite Trunking and VS-Client are free of charge in IC-EDGE


New Features - Turbine Intercom

PHIX-139 Mobile App

Zenitel Mobile is supported on iOS and Android platforms. Zenitel Mobile is part of the Edge system and it can be added to all Zenitel Edge System using configuration tool on Edge Controller web page. Zenitel mobile will have SIP account on the Edge Controller. In Edge 1.1. release Zenitel Mobile will work in so-called local mode - where mobile app is connected to the local network to receive and make audio and video calls. Zenitel mobile app will be licensed using Edge licensing system. Grace license supports up to 10 mobile app registrations on Edge Controller.

PHIX-141 Implemented support for IPv6

IPv6 is now supported in SIP mode. IPv6 address and DNS address can be configured using one of the follow methods:

  • Stateless Addresss AutoConfiguration (SLAAC) with Network Discovery Recursive DNS Server (RDNSS)
  • Stateful DHCPv6
  • Stateless DHCPv6
  • Static Address Assignment configured from web

The options are chosen based on Router Advertisement with the exception of Static Address assignment.
Default setting is IPv4

  • Tftp provisioning does not work with IPv6

PHIX-142 External communication - Suppport telephony calls in Edge Controller

The IP Telephony Service allow calls from an IC-EDGE site to public telephones without need to use additional hardware such as MP-114 gateways. IC-Edge connects to a SIP trunk provider which has access to telephony calls.

  • Max number of concurrent calls: 2

PHIX-299 ENA in SIP mode

Exigo Network Amplifiers now support operation in SIP mode. Main features:

  • Two addressable speaker channels per amplifier (Two SIP accounts)
  • Separate SIP account to connect local microphone to SIP server
  • Multicast paging for background music
  • Extended monitoring services included speaker line, power, temperature, fan, input and network monitoring
Note icon There are some limitations in SIP mode for the Exigo amplifiers. These are:
  • Triggering of outputs and relays
  • Support for backup amplifier
  • Syslog reporting
  • TFTP provisioning


PHIX-119 Audio messages are now configurable via Edge Controller

Audio messages are now configurable via Edge Controller on Turbine stations.

PHIX-120 New default view for Edge and SIP mode

The default view on the web interface for Edge is now more similar to the Edge controller. For devices in SIP mode, the web interface has also been simplified some. User is able to switch to old, advanced, view on Recovery tab under Main settings

PHIX-293 Improved recovery handling for Exigo amplifiers in SIP mode (RTP timeout)

The default behavior for how an Exigo amplifier in SIP mode shall handle calls when it does not receive RTP data has changed. Old default behavior was that the call would not disconnect if RTP data was not received. New behavior is that call will disconnect if RTP data is not received over a period of 20 seconds. The new behavior applies to all Exigo Network Amplifiers. Factory reset required to get the new value applied.

MTN-1380 Software version included in SIP header

Software version included in SIP header to make it easier to identify which version is running on a given IP station.

MTN-1978 It is now possible to call multiple cell phones in sequential ringlists.

This is possible by adding pause parameter in seconds on ringlist entry. Eg. 91523524:pause=5.

MTN-2298 Changed relay naming for IP-LCM

Changed relay naming to be consistent across all the different pages for IP-LCM.

MTN-2460 Common CA certificates are now bundled with station

Regsitering to SIP providers in cloud should now work with TLS without needing to upload certificates. This assumes the SIP providers use certificates from trusted root CAs:

MTN-2623 IC-Edge/SIP support for MP114 speech start/stop event

Implemented handling for SPEECH START/END signalling from MP114 gateway. Can configure a timeout on speech end to cause call to end.

MTN-2684 Added basic support for SNMP v3

Added support for SNMP v3. SNMP with v3 can only be used by uploading a custom net-snmp configuration file.

MTN-2691 Line monitoring changes for ENA-2060

The line monitoring when in continous mode will now update data every 2nd minute instead of every hour. This applies to the ENA-2060.

Fixed issues

MTN-2657 Firewall range for RTP is increased

Firewall for RTP is increased to UDP ports 61000-62000 to support new AlphaCom audio handling.

MTN-2641 One way audio towards Clearcom SIP phones

There was an issue in SDP rtpmap parsing on Zenitel devices which sometimes caused one way audio. This is now resolved.

MTN-2530 Removed C-key enabling of Private/Open mode in SIP/Edge mode

C-key enabling of private/open mode has been removed. IP Flush master and IP Desktop master can do this in the menu.

MTN-2463 Resolved some Audio Messaging issues.

  • When audio messaging was set to play "File then Tone", it would play the message and then go silent and not play the ringing tone.
  • Group Call is now excluded from call ringing event.

MTN-2444 ONVIF device model for TCIV-5

ONVIF will now correctly return model type for TCIV-5 stations.

MTN-2435 Group call chime is cut off (IC-EDGE)

When doing group call, the group call chime tone may be cut off right at the end. Issue is fixed.

MTN-2074 TKIE-3 keyboard matrix Vol Up/Down was not working

On the TKIE-3 in AlphaCom mode with keyboard matrix the Volume UP (J9-5 and J9-7) and Volume DOWN (J9-5 and J9-6) was not working. This has been fixed. Other keys are functional.

MTN-1301 Busy Override would fail when remote party is busy

Busy override should now be possible if remote part has dialed digits, is offhook or in emergency group call.

Known Issues

MTN-2692 Turbine stations won't register to ICX500 or Alphacom if the dash symbol is not removed from the Directory Number field

In an unconfigured Turbine station there is a dash character in the Directory Number field in the "Main Settings menu. This dash symbol must be removed when the directory number is entered, else the station will fail to register.

MTN-2686 Outputs not working for Exigo amplifiers in SIP mode

GPO's does not work when exigo amplifiers are in SIP mode.

MTN-2363 Factory reset does not delete uploaded Script

All uploaded scripts should also be removed on Factory reset.

MTN-2362 H.264 RTSP stream in UDP mode can display small artifacts at the bottom of the stream

H.264 RTSP stream in UDP mode can display small artifacts at the bottom of the stream.

MTN-2361 TCIV H264 stream does not work in Honeywell Maxpro NVR

RTSP H.264 does not work in Honeywell Maxpro NVR, workaround is to use MJPEG RTSP stream

MTN-2360 Client side forwarding does not work in SIP mode

Client side forwarding, which can be configured as a DAK action or activated from INCA display menu, does not work in SIP mode. Workaround is to use SIP server side forwarding.

MTN-2359 Stream is not always established in Pelco VideoExpert VMS version 3.0 or newer

Stream is not always established in Pelco VideoExpert VMS version 3.0 or newer, workaround is to follow all the steps described here when adding TCIV station to Pelco

MTN-2358 Making a point-to-point call during High priority Group call will drop group call audio

When 2 stations establish a point-to-point call during High priority Group call, they will no longer receive audio from current High priority group call.

MTN-2356 SNMP not working properly on TCIV under high CPU load

SNMP is not working properly on TCIV under high CPU load, which means that SNMP traps and inform messages can be sent with delay, or not be sent at all. This only happens if TCIV is placed under very high load, under normal operating conditions SNMP function without any issues.

MTN-2339 Group call chime is not played on 3rd party SIP stations

Group call chime (WAV file) is not played on third party SIP devices when Group Call is set over multicast IP address.