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This document provides the release notes for VSF-Turbine 4.2 with incremental bug fix releases. The release notes for VSF-Turbine 4.2 describe new features, improvements and issues fixed after VSF-Turbine 3.0


VSF-Turbine 4.2

Release info

Name: VSF-Turbine
Description: VSF-Turbine is a firmware archive for all Turbine Family Intercom stations including devices: TCIS-x, TKIS-2, TCIV-x, TMIS-x, TFIE-x, TKIE-x, TFIX-x, ECPIR-3P and Exigo IP speakers.. The firmware is delivered in two different ZIP archives:

  • sti- - Used for standard in-field upgrades
  • sti-prod- - Used in production and upgrades from early software version (tsi-3.0)

Date: 28.02.2018
Status: General Available (GA)
Download: Link to download

New Features VSF-Turbine 4.2

UNI-9 Common firmware for all Turbine station types

UNI-12 New licence management system in Pulse

UNI-181 Support off/on hook signal from handset for TKIE (Pulse and SIP mode)

UNI-190 Authentication for viewing video stream (JPG/MJPG)

UNI-367 Video streamer firmware integrated in Turbine firmware

UNI-429 Disable station tones

UNI-441 Headset autodetect on TFIE

UNI-466 Listen-in function for Turbine

UNI-467 Trunking (multi-site) for Pulse

UNI-468 Support for G.729 codec in VSF-Turbine

UNI-469 Script execution with triggers (Virtual I/O)

Bugfixes and Improvements

MTN-1438 Handling NAND Flash in Production

Due to problem with certain flashes a new Flash Partition Layout was required. Implementation on 4.7 was back-ported to so backwards compatibility is kept in case when 4.7->4.2 downgrade is needed.

MTN-1666 Periodic sound loss when doing announcements using relayed multicast

Improved the Relayed Multicast handling to be more robust on larger systems.

MTN-890 VAD control from AlphaCom through $DIP doesn't work on Turbine


MTN-918 "Line out source: Microphone" setting does not work, option is missing in SIP/Pulse


MTN-1049 Relay idle setting doesn't take effect immediately

Changed Idle relay setting is now applied right away.

MTN-1165 Wrong MAC shown after loading XML backup on Turbine

Fixed for Turbine. MAC address, host name, hardware type and frontboard (if factory set in /goform/zForm_fact_set) will be correctly set after restore of config file.

MTN-1196 TCIV rebooting when connected to CCTV server

Implemented solution to prevent more then 4 client connections for MJPEG stream 240p and more then 2 for 480p.

MTN-1230 Multicast for Turbine Stations with onboard switch (TFIE, TKIE and ECPIR) fails

Repaired multicast handling in networks that do not have an IGMP querier.

VSIS-749 TCIV in reboot loop when camera module upgrade takes > 1min

If camera module upgrade took longer than 1 minute, TCIV station ended up in reboot loop. This is now fixed.

VSIS-816 TCIV sends RTP video on wrong UDP port (Genetec RingGroup)

TCIV now handles correctly port number which is included in the SIP INVITE message from remote party.

Bugfixes and Improvements

MTN-1103 TCIV - Ethernet data-link down on some individual stations

Improved Ethernet driver to better handle initialization of the Ethernet Phy chip by removing a power save mode that could make the Phy chip fail.

MTN-923 TFIX-3: Call button doesn't work in Pulse mode

The call button was not configurable, this has been fixed.

MTN-940 Reboot main application sometimes reboots the system

Fixed issue when reboot main application causes station to reboot

MTN-997 TCIV - IP Multicast IGMP not supported

IP Multicast with IGMP support is now enabled in the kernel. This fixes problems doing Multicast group calls.

MTN-1005 Time settings are not accessible on TCIV-6 StationWeb

Time settings added.

MTN-1007 Read IP-Address might be cut-off before entire address read, if IP address modified

If IP address is late assigned or modified by DHCP server the reading will now always be complete.

MTN-1008 Memory leakage in SNMPD

Memory leakage reported in SNMP daemon is fixed.

MTN-1024 TCIV video flashing if exposure changes rapidly

Fixed issue with TCIV video start flashing if exposure changes rapidly. Changed mechanism to set the analog gain on sensor. Improved video in low light.

MTN-1039 Vs-Client registration deleted after new station is saved to server

Fixed within License manager

MTN-1057 No support for g729 when Turbine configured in VS-IMT VS-SDK enabled project (ZAP)

G729 is now fixed when using ZAP for configuration. Configuration of codecs is done via web.

MTN-1071 Silent call from AlphaCom - Call LED in Turbine goes ON, and remains ON after the call

Now Station is silent (no led and tone) on Silent call.

MTN-886 TFTP Remote Provisioning in SIP mode - Unable to receive TFTP server IP address (option 66) from DHCP server

The DHCP client on Turbine now also accept IP address as sting, and not only address as a well formed hostname (ref RFC1035, 2.3.1).

MTN-922 Turbine Ethernet Phy init issue - Network may fail on some boots

In the combination of some individual products and real-life environment (not lab) installations, we have seen issue with the Ethernet Phy. In some case no Ethernet data is transferred on Ethernet link, in other we see large number of frame errors. This either make the station out of network reach, or with an unreliable connection. With this fix the Phy is always software reset at boot time. it is also added a 10 Mbit config option in web. Normally that should not be needed to change, but can be used for testing if 10 Mbit improve reliability in certain installations.

MTN-925 Improved troubleshooting options from PC Tool VS-Turbine.TestAndDemo

New troublshooting options:

  • UDP streams of performance counters to PC appliction:
  • CPU load, RT thread audio loop time consumption, context switches etc.
  • Network counters for Eth0 and Usb0 (video) interface
  • Easy capture and dump to PC off Ethernet pcap files (tcpdump)

MTN-926 Boot and init Robustness and recovery improvements

  • Ethernet Phy Recovery. We have seen some occurrences of no network after boot due to bad Phy init state. This fix will check for this state, and quick reset phy if so.
  • TCIV Usb0 Ethernet link recovery improvements.

MTN-928 TFTP provisioning support options for station type, max ringing time and enable full audio output

The parameters have been added to TFTP provisioning

MTN-934 M and C key on TFIX-3 does not work in AlphaCom mode

The key mapping of TFIX-3 was wrong, fixed.

MTN-939 Mic to line out routing does not work

Mic to line out wasn't routed in mixer, now it works for all stations/kits with analog mic

MTN-941 Camera software updated to version 1.54D

  • Improving the operation of camera board the watchdog.
  • Resolved bug in command "CODEC_CHANGE"
  • Improved command "VIDEO_INFO"
  • More robust when changing video modes between MJPG and H.264

MTN-942 TCIV reboot improvements

Station board will now also reboot camera board on each reboot

MTN-943 Station kernel update

  • Linux kernel updated to version 4.6 for TCIV stations
  • General networking perfomance optimizations
  • Fixes issue "Biased audio signal in TCIV stations"

MTN-944 TCIV improvements

  • Reduced number of commands that will be send to camera
  • Improved camera response handling
  • Repeat sending command to camera if not success status received
  • EAC will now on each start check Camera software version, if version is not proper EAC will try to make upgrade and log upgrade status
  • EAC will also check camera board status, if board is started in backup mode reset will be send to force camera board proper boot

MTN-946 TCIS-6 (Scrolling Stations): Call button not reported as DAK1 from idle

Always send DAK1 on Call button when addressbook scroll position is idle.

MTN-952 Echo in Turbine when default settings

Update on Speaker audio out filter to "Remove energy in frequencies generating mechanical vibrations in Turbine mechanics". This should reduce non-linear feedback from speaker to mic, and thus improve AEC performance.

MTN-988 Factory Default Config - Set Noise cancellation active on level 1

In most environments where Turbine Stations is operating, there is some level of ambient noise. In SIP/Pulse mode factory default is changed from noise cancellation off to level 1.

UNI-1582 TCIV reboots during call with multiple MJPG streams

Fixed and implemented Max capacity of 2 video feeds in MJPG mode

Bugfixes and Improvements

MTN-345 TFTP Remote Provisioning in SIP mode - automatic software updates does not work

Update process is now commencing when new software in provisioning config and, not update will not start if same software as already running.

MTN-887 Not possible to do factory reset via GPI-1 on Turbine Compact and Extended (TKIS and TKIE)

Note that only Input 1 will work for the factory reset process during boot

UNI-1558 Video mode change can make MJPG stream unavailable

When user changed video mode from 'H.264 RTP' stream with disabled video to 'MJPG HTTP' with enabled video, MJPG stream wasn't working. Resolved by proper handling of settings changes.

UNI-1550 Pulse License Manager - Grace license expiration issues

Resolved issues with some rare cases of expiration date not being correct

MTN-863 Lower speaker volume than compared to

Synchronized speaker gains with version.

MTN-868 Security: Vulnerability DROWN (CVE-2016-0800) on Turbine

Updated OpenSSL lib to version 1.0.2f

UNI-1248 TCIV - issues with alias IP address for MJPG streraming

Alias IP address is needed for MJPG streaming on port 80 - same as StationWeb port. This introduced possible security issues when 2 IP addresses have same MAC. In addition, IP alias address introduced many stability and performance issues. IP alias address is now removed, and MJPG streaming is done on station IP address, with default port 8090 that can be customized.

Read documentation to see how this changes reflect to existing solutions and what changes need to be applied after upgrade.

UNI-1459 "Call until answer" setting does not make ringlist loop on Turbine

In ringlist settings when "Call until answer" is checked Turbine station doesn't loop through ringlist as expected. String "Call until answer" is changed to "Loop Ringlist" Max loop number was set to 0 and there were no possibility to change this number. Now when "Loop Ringlist" is checked user get additional setting "Max Loop Number" when it can set how many times ringlist will be iterated. Also setting "Max Loop Number" to 0 now mean that ringlist will be looped until call is establish. Also updated the related settings in VS-IMT

UNI-1464 Gain too low on Turbine Compact (TCIS/TKIS)

Config option "Enable Full Audio Output" is set to enable by default. Also some tuning on Gain to make close to equal to 3.0 software. Note "Full Audio Output" might cause shutdown (exceeds standard PoE power)

UNI-1477 Incoming call on TCIS-5 does not light up correct DAK

UNI-1482 H.264 stream on Bria/Grandstream stops when usb0 interface drops and reconnects

It's an error in payload number on interface after re-initialization. Default payload number is 96 but Bria, Grandstream etc. can use different value.

Fixed to always set payload number on camera after re-initialization.

UNI-1484 Acoustic Echo Cancellation on Turbine Compact performing less well then Software

  • Re-applied speaker and mic filter profiles for TCIS
  • Re-applied Far-End anticlipping at -6 dB
  • Adjusted speaker and mic gain to match 3.0 software

UNI-1495 TCIV station upgrade - When upgrade from 4.0.3.x software station can get bricked if sequence is wrong

With this fix the intermediate "video/" upgrade steps should also not be necessary any more, and safe-guard on invalid upgrade commands is added.

UNI-1504 Autodetect doesn't work on TA-22B / TAX-2B

Increased mic bias from 1.25 V to 1.7 V when Headset accessory selected in config.

UNI-1520 Video settings reset after interface crash

After camera interface restart majority of camera settings get reset. Also MJPEG streaming of video in IE had artifacts on bottom of screen. This is fixed. Internet explorer don't have native support for MJPEG streaming so use it only if necessary. Chrome and Firefox have native support.

VSIS-181 TCIV - SIP no group call Audio

Enabled IP_MULTICAST in TCIV kernel

UNI-1439 SIP station registration is sent too slow causing server to release registration

Fixed registration timing. If Turbine was used as a server, then this was not a problem

MTN-857 TCIV-Video call from PC client to TCIV fails when using Avaya IP Office as server

When using Avaya IP Office as SIP server only video call that is initiated by TCIV works. If some other client initiate call only audio is transmitted due the error in SIP negotiation with TCIV.

UNI-1406 TCIV-Basic Authentication fails

Basic authentication for the mjpg video stream fails on:

  • Genetec Security Center
  • Lenel OnGuard
  • Milestone XProtect

UNI-1408 TCIV-MJPG stream stops

In environment with "high traffic networks" and/or streaming over WAN links might cause MJPG steam stop or in some case station crash and reboot.

MJPG streaming on 480p image quality is now fixed to 40, and 240p image quality is now fixed to 100. User cannot modify image quality settings for MJPG streaming. Also many stability improvements to Video component were done.

MTN-836 Turbine sends snmp traps with relay 1-10 deactivated on shutdown, startup and call-hangup

Implemented state change test before reprting to SNMP Traps and ZAP Notify

UNI-1142 Turbine web GUI, Volume override config

Moved to: Advanced AlphaCom -> Audio. Override levels reflected by function enable/disable

UNI-1185 In SIP/Pulse mode the relay can not be set to 'ON' in idle call state as relay may go to 'OFF'

UNI-1235 Polling IP-station MIB OID's on Turbine does not work

New build re-enabling SNMP in SIP code.

UNI-1309 Factory reset from IMT wizard on Turbine stations might corrupt config and make station unresponsive

Increased robustness of Turbine Factory reset scripts. Workaround for cases with older Software in corrupted config state is performing a Factory Reset on station.

UNI-1345 183 Session Progress not supported

Some SIP servers like Freeswitch uses 183 instead of 180 Ringing. Fixed and tested on Freeswitch Server.

UNI-1351 Logging may cause the station to reboot forever due to processing of log files

Full system log and log analysis is now disabled by default. Use TurbineWeb "Enable logging" to open full system log.

UNI-1050 IMT upload configuration in Configure step of XML Wizard put ECPIR to Exigo mode

Uploading configuration now keeps the station mode

UNI-1097 TFIE - Alphacom Handset Off-hook mode not supported

Implemented send of handset events to Alphacom

UNI-1304 TFIE - Headset with autodetect mode, handset button can route audio to not present headset

Switch mode will not apply when headset not present.

UNI-1311 TFIX-3 frontboard not working

MTN-393 Added volume adjustment for the ringing signal in Pulse Turbine

MTN-475 Speaker audio may get distorted in rare cases

Solved by new linux kernel and audio driver

MTN-477 IP-speakers with TKIS reboots on alarm messages

New config flag in web "Enable full audio output".
You will need to enable this to get full volume output (volume override) on alarm messages.
Also, in Audio Settings, there is a config option to set the volume override level in steps.

MTN-621 TKIE: When "Model" is set to "TKIE-1 (kit)", headset is not functioning

The new accessory config "Turbine headset w/Autodetect" is switching on detection and works in Kit mode.

MTN-703 Pulse: With Turbine as server, group call might fail

Known issues

MTN-268 Relay configured to follow M-key does not handle quick press on M-key

MTN-323 Noise from wind on TCIS

Wind may cause powerful acoustic signal on mic that software is not able to filter and at same time keep clear voice. Workaround is to make mechanical filtering or shielding of wind effect on mic.

MTN-482 SIP: Transfer function doesn't work with Cisco CCM

When the station is used in SIP mode, connected to a Cisco Call manager (version: the permanent call transfer function does not work. When calling the station, we hear a Cisco Call manager message saying that this number is unreachable. In the Cisco station settings the transfer is not activated.

MTN-656 Not possible to configure Noise Reduction Level setting from AlphaCom (AlphaPro or AlphaWeb)

This feature from INCA station is currently not supported. Noise Reduction Level can be configured in TurbineWeb only.

MTN-872 TFIE: Headset with autodetect - PTT will change to headset even if not detected

MTN-1073 Group call fails if system previously configured with ZAP

If system was configured with ZAP (VS-IMT Pulse SDK project) and then switched to XML configuration by deleting data.lua file, it is possible that Group Calls shall not work. A workaround is that (1) data.lua file is deleted from all stations including Pulse server - this will reboot stations, and (2) after reboot go to Server configuration -> Save + Apply - this will again reboot all stations.

MTN-1077 Alphacom DAK Lamp test (feature 7874) not implemented on DAK Panel ECPIR-3P and belonging EBMDR-8

MTN-1111 Turbine LED blink slower than INCA stations

MTN-1112 Image upgrade does not work with 802.1x authentication enabled in switch

In order to upgrade the station, one must either:

  • Remove security on the switch-port, upgrade and set security back on the switch port.
  • Un-mount the station, connect it to a non-802.1x port and do a manual upgrade.

The reason for this is that during upgrade of the IP-station, 802.1X will not be running after first Ethernet link down/up and image download start.

VSIS-803 Support for 802.1Q

Support needed for 802.1Q on Turbine Platform to be able to use stations in a VLAN tagged environment. Relevant for all Turbine extended products with 2 eth ports and built-in switch with VLAN support (802.1q)