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This document provides the release notes for VSF-Turbine 4.7 with incremental bug fix releases. The release notes for VSF-Turbine 4.7 describe new features, improvements and issues fixed after VSF-Turbine 4.2


VSF-Turbine 4.7

Release info

Name: VSF-Turbine
Description: VSF-Turbine is a firmware archive for all Turbine Family Intercom stations including devices: TCIS-x, TKIS-2, TCIV-x, TMIS-x, TFIE-x, TKIE-x, TFIX-x, ECPIR-3P and Exigo IP speakers.. The firmware is delivered in two different ZIP archives:

  • sti- - Used for standard in-field upgrades
  • sti-prod- - Used in production and upgrades from early software version (tsi-3.0)

Date: 07.02.2018
Status: General Availability

New Features

MTN-1160 Activate ringlist from address book

Now it is possible to configure a ring list as an Address Book entry

VSIS-217 External feed of audio to the local intercom station on input action

Use Line in to the Intercom station so that the audio from the aux input is broadcast from the intercom speaker during idle. When a call is made, the intercom audio would then be a higher priority and mute the aux audio.

VSIS-431 SNMP Informs support added

IP stations now support using SNMP Informs for integration with network management systems.

VSIS-432 Turbine address book editing on StationWeb

Address book can now be edited directly on station web. Up to 50 entries.

VSIS-433 Turbine address book CSV file download and upload

It is now possible to both upload and download a CSV file that contains Turbine address book entries. This is possible from both StationWeb and VS-IMT

VSIS-441 License policing for IP Stations in SIP mode removed

No license required for SIP mode IP stations when connecting towards 3rd party servers

VSIS-460 Pulse support for 64 stations

Pulse now supports total of 64 Vingtor-Stentofon IP stations to be auto-discovered, upgraded, configured and registered.

VSIS-489 Virtual I/O script start of digital input

Added support for script execution on the digital input event

VSIS-504 Line-out stream control from microphone

Line-out stream can now be configured with mic signal before or after the Acoustic Echo Canceler. When set before AEC, there will be no signal processing done. Wen set to after AEC, both Open mode with Noise reduction and Full Duplex with PTT control are supported.

VSIS-585 Pulse Group Call and 3rd party SIP phones

Pulse Group call is now fully supported on 3rd party SIP stations that have support for IP multicast paging. Group call can be both received and sent from 3rd party SIP phones.

VSIS-617 TCIx-6 default call destination

Bell button is now acting as DAK key and will call default number without contact being selected from address book.

VSIS-693 Ringlist expanded to 30 entries with individual timeout option

It is now possible to use up to 30 ringlist entries and add a timeout using special option. Example configuration for ringing timer of 20 seconds: 100;ringing_time=20

VSIS-698 Advance network settings enabled in Pulse mode

Enabled Advanced network settings (802.1x, SNMP, Firewall) on the StationWeb and VS-IMT, for IP stations in Pulse mode.

VSIS-738 Automatic Volume Control enhancements

AVC algorithm basic principle is using one or more mic(s) to measure the ambient audio/noise level and compensate speaker output gain raising Sound Pressure level (SPL) with increasing ambient audio level. AVC can switch to Robust Duplex when speaker level is increased above certain threshold.

VSIS-798 New Pulse licensing

New Licensing for Pulse system introduced. See documentation for more info. Note: both Pulse clients and Pulse server need to be upgraded for new Pulse licensing system to work. E.g. a combination of clients with new firmware and server with previous firmware can cause licence policing issues.

VSIS-831 Volume control from DAK or Input

DAK keys or Inputs can now be used as volume controls in SIP and Pulse mode

VSIS-1149 Pulse server directory configuration - station selection

It is now possible to select which station will be configured in Pulse server directory configuration by checking/un-checking checkbox next to them.

VSIS-1174 Mass configuration of 802.1x settings from VS-IMT

Added functionality in the VS-IMT to handle 802.1x network security settings for multiple stations at once. Both settings and security certificates (PKI) can be handled for many stations at once.

VSIS-1176 Pulse Multi-Subnet support

Pulse system can now be deployed in multiple LAN subnets. Pulse auto-discovery, configuration, upgrade, registration and Group Call is fully supported across multiple LAN segments.

VSIS-1177 ECPIR-3P with EBMDR-8 as Pulse Master station

ECPIR-3P is now a Pulse Master station with some advanced call handling capabilities like call on hold, call queuing, transfer, call stand-by, group call, etc. Up to 4 EBMDR-8 DAK extension panels can be configured. The LEDs are programmed to signal different call actions and statuses.

VSIS-1178 Turbine Audio messaging for Pulse and SIP

Turbine stations now support playing of recorded audio messages on specific Call, Relay/Output, and DTMF events. Messages can play out to speaker or speaker + mic, and can play continuously. Audio files can be uploaded using StationWeb or VS-IMT (mass-upload).

VSIS-1179 Turbine Multi-Conferencing for AlphaCom

Added conferencing functionality for receiving and mixing up to 6 Simplex Conferences. Note: In this mode station cannot be used as normal Open-Duplex Intercom station

VSIS-1182 TCIV 4:3 full frame resolution

Added a new 960p resolution for H.264 with a 4:3 full frame scale

VSIS-1183 TCIV Low-light image performance improvements

Implemented TCIV improvements for image performance for very low-light environment conditions.

VSIS-1184 Turbine Firmware for TFIE-6

Implemented software support for new TFIE-6 industrial display IP station with a menu navigation, address book and DAK keys. Support for AlphaCom, Pulse and SIP.

VSIS-1185 Pulse integration with iPBX systems

Pulse integration capabilities with AlphaCom and SIP based iPBX systems (e.g. Asterisk). See documentation for details.

VSIS-1187 TCIV video delay optimizations

Optimizations done in video call and stream setup so now there is much less delay for both H.264 and MJPG.

VSIS-1189 New PTT functions

Implemented new default duplex behavior for PTT: press-to-talk, release-to-duplex. New PTT functions like Boost Volume on PTT, override remote PTT, SIP Message Controlled Audio Direction, Mic and Speaker PTT control. See documentation for details.

VSIS-1190 Relay control from Web Call and ZAP

It is now possible to control relays from Web Call interface and ZAP

VSIS-1191 SIP and Pulse new DAK actions

DAK actions for Turbine stations are now extended with more functions: Open Group call, Forwarding, Conversation mode control, Volume control, Call transfer, Hold call, PTT, Call stand-by, and other. See Documentation for details.

VSIS-1192 Inputs As Key Matrix

Inputs As Key Matrix can be used when the user needs more buttons/relays than possible with number of GPIOs on the kits. The GPIs are used s a keyboard matrix to add more DAKs

VSIS-1193 Special SIP headers support

New SIP headers supported: Listen-In call activation, Call priority control, Volume control (per call), Auto-answer (per call)

Technical Preview

SNOW-229 Secure SIP and Secure RTP for Turbines in SIP mode

Added support on Turbines for SIP over TLS. SIP over TLS encrypts the transport layer using the same method as HTTPS which uses certificates to validate the server. In addition, the Turbines now support SRTP which brings encryption to RTP media (call audio). This means that now both call metadata and call media can be fully encrypted. Note: TCIV H.264 is not supported with SRTP

VSIS-865 Digital Audio Squelch on Far-End audio

New function for silencing audio to be played to speaker, if signal energy is below a configurable threshold level. This can be used to suppress noise when below-desired-level signal is present.

Bugfixes and Improvements (GA)

MTN-1419 Turbine sends 5 identical SIP Register messages towards iPBX

This can potentially cause issues (e.g. SPAM filtering) on Alcatel OXE 12.0 or latest Asterisk. Improvement implemented.

MTN-1737 Turbine can have registration issues when using TCP Outbound transport

If there was an unsuccessful registration with 3rd party iPBX when using TCP Outbound transport type, the Turbine would not be able to re-register without a reboot. This is now fixed.

MTN-1739 Turbine stations configured with SIP TLS may start replying to wrong port (5060)

If the record-route header did not specify a port or sips scheme, port 5060 was used to send requests while the record-route indicated transport type TLS which should default to port 5061.

MTN-1666 Periodic sound loss when doing announcements using relayed multicast

Improved the Relayed Multicast handling to be more robust on larger systems.

Bugfixes and Improvements

MTN-1438 Handling NAND Flash in Production

Due to problem with certain flashes a new Flash Partition Layout was required.

VSIS-1155 During upgrade process station can end up in reboot loop if firmware files not transferred successfully

Firmware upgrade procedure is made more robust and all firmware image files are checked for successful transfer before flashing procedure is started.

Bugfixes and Improvements (GA)

VSIS-1146 Turbine and INCA fail in AlphaCom with Relay Multicast

Multicast fails when Turbine and INCA listen to audio program over Relayed Subnet (AlphaCom environment)

VSIS-1222 Internet Explorer had issues with properly handling dynamic UI controls

Introduced better javascript handling so that all HTML components are properly rendered in IE

VSIS-1196 Answer Group Call doesn't work with Answer Call function

When Answer Group Call is used with Answer/End Call action it works OK (workaround).

VSIS-1211 Multiple MJPG streams in browser causes poor TCIV audio quality

With multiple MJPG streams open in different browsers, we can have poor audio quality because the CPU is very high. Fixed with limiting number of 240p streams to 3 (from 4).

VSIS-1230 TCIV limitations with PAS and MJPG clients

Available number of Permanent Audio Streams on TCIV has been decreased to 1. If PAS is enabled on TCIV, number of available MJPG clients will be decreased by 1 as long as PAS is enabled. This means that limitations are 1 MJPG client for 480P, and 2 MJPG clients for 240P.

Bugfixes and Improvements (LA)

MTN-696 Selectable group call chime in Pulse

In order to use the group call functionality for broadcasting messages through PTT the chime must be possible to deactivate or disabled during such an announcement

MTN-845 Turbine with Static IP failed to upgrade from different subnet

When Turbine is set with static IP address the upgrade will fail when IMT or TFTP server is located in different LAN subnet. This is now fixed with proper gateway handling in barebox (bootloader) environment. NOTE: Upgrading the bootloader is done from the Station web page, "Station Administration" > "Manual Upgrade", enter Image file: boot/sti- ("boot/" being a prefix in front of the file name).

MTN-890 VAD control from AlphaCom through $DIP doesn't work on Turbine


MTN-918 "Line out source: Microphone" setting does not work, option is missing in SIP/Pulse


MTN-1049 Relay idle setting doesn't take effect immediately

Changed Idle relay setting is now applied right away.

MTN-1061 Web call on Turbine should also handle Incoming/Ringing call

Web call now supports answering call, and reports call status correctly.

MTN-1107 802.1x certificate does not survive a software upgrade

Previously uploaded security certificate is being removed with firmware upgrade. For station to successfully authenticate toward 802.1x AAA server, the certificate will need to be uploaded again.

MTN-1165 Wrong MAC shown after loading XML backup on Turbine

Fixed for Turbine. MAC address, host name, hardware type and frontboard (if factory set in /goform/zForm_fact_set) will be correctly set after restore of config file.

MTN-1196 TCIV rebooting when connected to CCTV server

Implemented solution to prevent more then 4 client connections for MJPEG stream 240p and more then 2 for 480p.

MTN-1230 Multicast for Turbine Stations with onboard switch (TFIE, TKIE and ECPIR) fails

Repaired multicast handling in networks that do not have an IGMP querier.

VSIS-318 License grace period expiration warning on StationWeb

Warning is displayed on station web under server monitoring and licensing. Remaining days of grace period are displayed.

VSIS-704 Group call should use caller codec

Only the g722 codec was supported before, so now the call codec is taken from caller

VSIS-749 TCIV in reboot loop when camera module upgrade takes > 1min

If camera module upgrade took longer than 1 minute, TCIV station ended up in reboot loop. This is now fixed.

VSIS-819 Hide unsupported DAK functions on substations

DAK functions which are not supported on substations are no longer shown.

VSIS-1158 TMIS Factory Reset from Frontboard

Key scanner chip was reset after factory reset key press detection

VSIS-1162 Disable Call functions on DAKs when Idle function does not support it

Certain Idle functions do not allow Call function to be set on DAK. For those functions, Call functions are now disabled in station web.

VSIS-1163 Turbine in SIP/Pulse mode does not read ipaddress if DAK is set to call ringlist

The turbine station will now read ipaddress if the station is not registered and the ringlist is not a direct ip call (configured to call number@ipaddress).

VSIS-1165 Added Video setup mode - Cisco

Cisco phones have issue when sending less then 25 fps. Now users can select Cisco mode on StationWeb and video will always be sent in 25 fps. In that case fps parameter on StationWeb will just be related to how many images will be different

VSIS-1172 ECPIR-3P DAK LED notification has been improved

See documentation for more details

VSIS-1173 TCIV Video is now enabled by default

Mode is MJPEG with 480p and 15fps.

Security and Improvements

VSIS-840 Security issue: SSL Certificate Weak Public Key Strength on Turbine/INCA

Security scanner detected that SSL certificates are using weak public key strength. Key length has been increased to 2048.

VSIS-841 Security issue: SSL Weak Protocol Version Supported on Turbine/INCA

Security scanner detected support for old versions of SSL. There are now disabled.

VSIS-842 Security issue: SSLv3 Fallback Vulnerability (POODLE) on Turbine/INCA

Security scanner detected SSLv3 Fallback Vulnerability (POODLE). This is now fixed.

VSIS-882 Security issue: SSL 64-bit Block Size Cipher Suites Supported (SWEET32)

Security scanner detected support for weak 64-bit block size ciphers that could be compromised. Those are now disabled in the system.

Known Issues

MTN-268 Relay follow M-key cannot handle quick M

Relay configured to follow M-key does not handle quick press on M-key

MTN-323 Noise from wind on TCIS

Wind may cause powerful acoustic signal on mic that software is not able to filter and at same time keep clear voice. Workaround is to make mechanical filtering or shielding of wind effect on mic.

MTN-408 802.1X config not properly handling special characters in password

Character like % is not handled in the password input field for 802.1x.

MTN-552 PULSE: (Re)Registration of SIP phones takes a long time

Long (re)registration times observed on Divus SIP client and SNOM phone. If the same SIP phone is registered against AlphaCom the process is almost instantaneous.

MTN-598 INCA station fails to register if Hebrew name is too long

More than 12 characters entered causes registration problems

VSIS-878 Factory reset does not delete uploaded Script

All uploaded scripts should also be removed on Factory reset

MTN-1073 Group call fails if system previously configured with ZAP

If system was configured with ZAP (VS-IMT Pulse SDK project) and then switched to XML configuration by deleting data.lua file, it is possible that Group Calls shall not work. A workaround is that (1) data.lua file is deleted from all stations including Pulse server - this will reboot stations, and (2) after reboot go to Server configuration -> Save + Apply - this will again reboot all stations.

MTN-1077 Lamp test not functioning on ECPIR-3P and belonging EBMDR-8

Alphacom DAK Lamp test (feature 7874) not implemented on DAK Panel ECPIR-3P and belonging EBMDR-8

VSIS-1202 TFIE-6 does not display AlphaCom status-messages in Idle

There is no way of knowing if a TFIE-6 is for example forwarded(71,72) or marked absent(77x). Workaround: During commissioning it is possible by Class Of Service programming in AlphaCom to deny access to these services for the TFIE-6

VSIS-1207 Turbine Tone test requires restart to enable it after being disabled

Turbine tone test is disabled by default. If it is enabled and later on disabled, it will require station reboot to enable tone test again. Workaround: Tone test started to work again after rebooting the station.

VSIS-1214 Turbine sends UDP SIP even though configured to use TCP

Turbine sends UDP SIP even though configured to use TCP. Workaround: configure Outbound Proxy to have the same value as Server Domain.