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This document provides the release notes for VSF-Turbine 4.9 with incremental bug fix releases. The release notes for VSF-Turbine 4.9 describe new features, improvements and issues fixed after VSF-Turbine 4.7.


Release info

Name: VSF-Turbine
Description: VSF-Turbine is a firmware archive for all Turbine Family Intercom stations including devices: TCIS-x, TKIS-2, TCIV-x, TMIS-x, TFIE-x, TKIE-x, TFIX-x, ECPIR-3P and Exigo IP speakers and Exigo Network Amplifiers (AlphaCom mode only).
Version: The firmware is delivered in two different ZIP archives:

  • vsft-4.9.3.x - Used for standard in-field upgrades
  • vsft-prod-4.9.3.x - Used in production- and recovery upgrades.

Date: 22.02.2019
Status: General Availability


Bugfixes and Improvements

MTN-2289 Two gong signals applied instead of one for group calls in Pulse mode

This has now been fixed.

MTN-2280 IP Multicast Audio potentially played to the wrong channel or missing on channel

Fixed a memory issue that, in a heavily loaded system, could miscalculate the audio group membership.

MTN-2269 Turbines report initial input status as rio rcis message in AlphaCom mode

Turbine devices will report initial input status as rio rcis DIP message. Later input status changes are reported as evt inp messages

Known Issues

VSIS-878 Factory reset does not delete uploaded Script

All uploaded scripts should also be removed on Factory reset

MTN-1964 Tone volume not working for tone test

There was an error in the tone test that caused the Tone volume to be ignored. The Tone volume was always equal to the speaker volume.

MTN-2258 ECPIR-3P M-key does not perform key-release action

ECPIR-3P M-key would not allow to exit the call if DAK In call was configured to exit on the M-key release

MTN-2198 Suspend monitoring not always working for ENA in AlphaCom

Certain directory number configurations could previously stop suspend monitoring from working when using Exigo network amplifiers (ENA) in AlphaCom mode. This has been fixed.

MTN-2122 In HD Audio mode the station would report missing RTP

In HD Audio mode the station would incorrectly report missing RTP when it is meant to only send audio. This has been fixed.

MTN-2085 Far-End signal limiter on Turbine

Far-End signal Limiter filter is designed to avoid powerful Far-End signal bringing the station to PoE shutdown as well as try to avoid Far-End Signal clipping and distortions.

MTN-2259 Configured PTT\M-Key action when using EMMAR-1H

When using EMMAR-1H the DAK call configuration for M/PPT key couldn't be initialized if the In call button configuration for the M/PTT was End call

MTN-2220 Default SNMP settings issue with firmware downgrade to 4.9

When downgrading from VSFT 4.10+ to 4.9 a factory reset is necessary if user wants to use default SNMP configuration. For custom snmp.conf file, re-upload with a custom snmp.conf file will fix the problem.

MTN-2074 TKIE-3 keyboard matrix Vol Up/Down not working

On the TKIE-3 in AlphaCom mode with keyboard matrix the Volume UP (J9-5 and J9-7) and Volume DOWN (J9-5 and J9-6) is not working. Other keys are functional.

SNOW-1245/1246 Audio Message is played twice (Pulse/SIP mode)

When configuring an audio message (wav file) to play on Incoming or Outgoing Call Ringing, the audio message will start to play, then after approx. half a second the message will start over again. A workaround could be to use wav file with 0.5 second silence at the start of the message.


New Features

MTN-2130 Configurable Button and LED behavior

Configurable physical DAK buttons and LED behavior for TCIS 1/2/3 and TCIV 1/2/3 in Pulse and SIP mode. From the station web interface it is now possible to define both DAK actions and LED behavior for customized Turbine front-boards.

MTN-2026 Turbine compact support for analog microphone (headsets/handsets)

Turbine compact can now be configured to use analog mic instead the built-in digital one, supporting external wired or wireless headsets/handsets. It is also possible to switch between analog/digital mic with controls on the inputs, e.g. enabling switch to headset mode using PTT on headset or belt-pack, or when wired headset is plugged into plug-box.

MTN-1310 Audio message playback when Turbine is offline and not operational

Turbine station can now play a custom media file when it gets disconnected/connected to a server. In addition, the station can play a custom media file when setting up a call with DAK/GPI while not being connected to a server and call setup fails. SIP/Pulse/AlphaCom mode.

MTN-1213 In-call automatic failover to redundant SIP server

Improvements were done for parallel registration mode with backup SIP domains resulting in automatic and almost instant in-call failover to a backup SIP server. If the station is registered to multiple servers it will try the next server automatically if the call setup fails. If the station fails to register to all available SIP servers, it can be configured with registration retry "burst mode" interval so it gets connected immediately to a first available server.

Bugfixes and Improvements

MTN-2222 Handset Volume Override behavior on Turbine

When use of external headset, the headset microphone was disconnected during volume override situations. This is now fixed.

MTN-2079 Display text double quotes not visible on TCIx-4/5/6 and TFIE-6

The problem was that the double quotes ( " ) were not displayed correctly on the web page after saving it once. Pressing save for the second time removed the double quotes also from the station display. The problem existed for Default Display Text, OLED Display Text, Address book. This is now fixed.

MTN-1974 Sound detection on Turbine is not triggered properly

Sound Detection is never triggered on, but "DAK off" is reported. Fixed

MTN-1971 Reboot of Pulse server Turbine station when using StationWeb running Pulse Grace license

It was possible to do a reboot of Pulse server Turbine station when browsing the web interface on the device without a license (running Grace period).


Bugfixes and Improvements

MTN-2033 Advanced Audio Profile config hidden

The Advanced Audio Settings under web configuration has been hidden by default. It can be enabled again by using special procedures.

MTN-2020 Acoustic Echo Cancellation performance issues

Compared to earlier versions it was observed more echo artifacts, and in some cases full echo return. Tuning and adjustments should now give AEC performance on a level with, or slightly better than earlier versions. Note! When using a Turbine on the maximum gain level in Full Open Duplex, some echo artifacts may occur. This depends on many factors like the station mechanics, the mounting, the tone and level of Far-End audio talker etc.

MTN-1959 Webcall form not always responding when called from script

We've received multiple reports from customers attempting to use Lua scripts to activate relays via the webcall form on Turbine stations, that the relays\outputs does not always activate. This is fixed now


New Features

SNOW-577 Digital Audio Squelch on Far-End audio

New function for silencing audio to be played to speaker, if signal energy is below a configurable threshold level. This can be used to suppress noise when below-desired-level signal is present.

SNOW-278 IP Multicast audio support for SIP Intercom

Turbine and INCA IP intercom stations now support IP multicast audio when configured in SIP mode. Up to 10 multicast IP addresses can be configured.

SNOW-250 Advanced Turbine AVC settings on StationWeb

Exposed advanced AVC settings like thresholds, attack and decay rates, lockout time, etc. on Turbine StationWeb for AVC algorithm parametrization. These options should be used only in case when default AVC behavior needs to be fine tuned and when technician has good understanding about the AVC technology.

SNOW-191 Support SIP Early Media during 180-Ringing or 183-Session Progress

Support playing a media during SIP 180-Ringing or SIP 183 Call progress, instead of a locally generated ringing tone. This is a very common setup in iPBX systems where server shall generate a media to be played during session progress and before call is accepted (e.g. Call queued before answered). Note that we do not fully support RFC3960.

SNOW-109 ECPIR panels - Led dimming minimum brightness

ECPIR panels can now set minimum brightness for LED using StationWeb. This resolves issue when operator could dim LEDs to low so it looked like the panel is not working.

SNOW-87 Virtual I/O script on DAK event with reading GPI status

Now we can enable/disable DAK key action (e.g. make call) according to state change on certain GPI. Use case: disable intercom for non-authorized personnel using badge-reader, deny intercom call without vehicle in front of the station (detected by a loop into the floor)

SNOW-177 Exigo Network Amplifiers: StationWeb new options

  • Configuration of the Exigo Network Amplifiers can now be done via the web pages when the amplifier is in Alphacom mode.
  • Live view of state is available through the web.

SNOW-141 Exigo Network Amplifiers: Line input forwarding

  • Line input off amplifiers can now be routed directly to the output channel without a server being available
  • When Line Input Forwarding is enabled, no audio is received from the server - only local audio is allowed

SNOW-103 Exigo Network Amplifiers can be connected to Alphacom systems

  • VSFT-Turbine software can now be used on Exigo amplifiers. This allows the amplifiers to be connected directly to Alphacom systems.
  • Each amplifier channel will behave as an IP station with all features available
  • Channel 2 can mirror channel 1 so that only one license and directory number is used
  • Monitoring of the amplifiers is available via the Alphacom event handler and syslog
  • Function requires AlphaSys version or later
  • Sip and pulse is not supported on Exigo amplifiers

MTN-1690 G711 is now supported in Exigo

Audio engine on all devices now support G711 which is sometimes used for SIP integration

Technical Preview

SNOW-229 Secure SIP and Secure RTP for Turbines in SIP mode

Added support on Turbines for SIP over TLS. SIP over TLS encrypts the transport layer using the same method as HTTPS which uses certificates to validate the server. In addition, the Turbines now support SRTP which brings encryption to RTP media (call audio). This means that now both call metadata and call media can be fully encrypted. Note: TCIV H.264 is not supported with SRTP

Bugfixes and Improvements

VSIS-1214 Turbine uses SIP over UDP even though configured to use TCP

Turbine sends UDP SIP even though configured to use TCP. Fixed

SNOW-333 Warning for TCIV as Pulse server

New warning added on StationWeb: It is recommended not to use TCIV as Pulse server in a systems with more than 5 registered clients. For such systems please use any other Vingtor-Stentofon IP station type, such as TCIS-x, or TKIS-2.

SNOW-245 Remove Enable full audio output setting from web

The reason this flag was added is because we removed the far end anti clip filter, which caused the station to reboot easily if the received signal was clipped. Now we have enabled anti clip filter and DRC by default - the station will not reboot anymore even if it’s powered from PoE.

SNOW-244 Expose TFIE-6 menu settings on station web

Now all TFIE-6 menu settings are also available on StationWeb.

SNOW-88 Enable all DAK actions for all Turbine stations

All DAK actions are now enabled for all Turbine stations, not filtered anymore by station type.

MTN-1785 Upgrading stations using Pulse Server not working if TFTP server is on another subnet


MTN-1757 Serial registration method does not display correct status

Fixed with displaying proper registration status on StationWeb info Page.

MTN-1432 TFIE-6 Address book- Dir. number not displayed and entries are not in order

Fixed with showing Dir. number and also added options to order by Dir. number or Label/Name (TFIE-6, TCIS-6, TCIV-6)

MTN-1236 TCIS-6 Address book does not support national characters

Fixed with added support for international non-English characters.

MTN-618 Turbine station does not send ARP update during startup.

Replacing a faulty station with static IP address with an identical configured station must wait for the ARP tables of the switches to timeout before register at AlphaCom. This is now fixed with sending ARP update during startup.

MTN-408 802.1X config not properly handling special characters in password

Characters like !#$%&/()=@* are now handled in the password input field for 802.1x.