Turbine 7.1 - Release notes

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This document provides the release notes for VSF-Turbine 7.1 with incremental bug fix releases. The release notes for VSF-Turbine 7.1 describe new features, improvements and issues fixed after VSF-Turbine


Release info

Name: VSF-Turbine
Description: VSF-Turbine is a firmware archive for Zenitel devices based on the IMX28 processor.

The firmware is delivered in two different ZIP archives and one swu file:

  • vsft-7.1.x.x - Used for standard in-field upgrades
  • vsft-prod-7.1.x.x - Used in production- and recovery upgrades

Version: vsft-
Date: 15.08.2022
Status: General Availability Compatibility: Pulse to IC-EDGE System
You can upgrade from Pulse (VS-IS 4.x) to IC-EDGE, but the whole system needs to run with the same Turbine software (VS-IS 5/6/7).
In an IC-EDGE System, INCA intercoms cannot be used as the Edge Controller.
TCIV video intercoms should not be used as the Edge Controller for systems exceeding 4 devices.
IMT 1.5 or newer can be used for station discovery and upgrade but must not be used to configure IC-EDGE.
Pulse to IC-EDGE Licenses
Pulse licenses will be honored in an IC-EGDE System. This means that when you upgrade firmware from VS-IS 4.x to 5.x/6.x/7.x your Pulse licenses will work for IC-EDGE.

Note icon The number of free VS station licenses has been increased from 16 to 32 in IC-EDGE. This means that you get an additional 16 VS stations to connect to in IC-EDGE

Note icon Both Multisite Trunking and VS-Client are free of charge in IC-EDGE


New Features

OV-22 Device web has been rebranded from Vingtor-Stentofon to Zenitel

OV-12 The audio configuration has been updated

  • Redefinition of all gain configuration to defined decibel values - ref 0 dB for IP stations and +10dB for IP-Speakers
  • Scaling of the gain levels

MTN-3525 ENA2X00 AC2 can now be used in ICX-AlphaCom mode


OV-39 Report DAK as Digital Input in ONVIF is now supported

OV-11 ONVIF device naming adaptable for VMS's

Device is now able to send custom name if default name is changed.

MTN-3620 Added Microphone Monitoring for IP-Heavy Duty stations in ICX-AlphaCom mode

IP-Heavy Duty stations will report a MIC fault message to the ICX-AlphaCom server, when the microphone gets disconnected.

MTN-3476 DAVC and Multicast Paging setting via TFTP

The ENA2060 can now configure DAVC and Multicast Paging settings via TFTP.

MTN-3287 Validation of Gateway IP address added

Added the verification if the IP address and the gateway address are in the same subnet.

MTN-2504 Password requirement for Advanced Configuration mode removed

Password requirement for Advanced Configuration on device web is removed, and the user can now enable it on page header.

Fixed Issues

MTN-3788 When used as Edge Controller, the chime setting will no longer disappear in groupcall settings

===MTN-3721 DNS takeover timer is now reduced from 5 to 3 seconds

MTN-3687 TLS1.1 fully removed

Complete removal of TLS1.1 support.

MTN-3607 SSH keys are now kept on upgrade

MTN-3600 Solved some issues related to DAK22

Fixed the issue with the "minus dimming" of backlight button triggering an action that is programmed to the DAK 22.

MTN-3566 XML configuration file backup prevents reboot

In some cases (for example power reboot) it was possible that the XML configuration file would get corrupted. This is now fixed by having a backup file.

MTN-3551 Web-socket discovery added to firewall settings

MTN-3497 Text on stations with OLED displays can now be removed without reboot

Changing the display text was working by saving the change, but removing the text did not work without the station needing a reboot. This is now fixed, and the text can be removed without a station reboot.

MTN-3496 Partial Reboot does not fully reboot the device anymore

MTN-3494 ECPIR/EAPIR, TFIE, TKIE-1/2 and TKIE-3 GPIO number is now correct

GPIO number/amount shown in VMS's is now correct

MTN-3488 TFIX-1 V2 and TFIX-3 V2 will not automatically play the IP address after upgrade

MTN-3486 IP-LCM: Inputs and outputs are now reported in VMS's

MTN-3408 Tone test does not report success on unplugged microphone anymore

Known Issues

MTN-3489 Downgrading IP_LCM from vsft- will cause a reboot loop

If downgrading the IP_LCM from vsft- to an earlier version, the IP_LCM will go into a reboot loop. Workaround is to factory reset the IP_LCM just after downgrading.

MTN-3299 TLS Private Keys not restored on Turbine stations

In case that TLS Private Keys are deleted from Turbine station, the only way to restore them is to manually upload them to the station. Factory reset or station upgrade will not restore TLS Private Keys.

MTN-2692 Turbine stations won't register to ICX500 or AlphaCom if the dash symbol is not removed from the Directory Number field.

In an unconfigured Turbine station there is a dash character in the Directory Number field in the "Main Settings menu. This dash symbol must be removed when the directory number is entered, else the station will fail to register.

MTN-2686 Outputs not working for Exigo amplifiers in SIP mode

GPO's does not work when exigo amplifiers are in SIP mode.

MTN-2363 Factory reset does not delete uploaded Script

All uploaded scripts should also be removed on Factory reset

MTN-2362 H.264 RTSP stream in UDP mode can display small artifacts at the bottom of the stream

H.264 RTSP stream in UDP mode can display small artifacts at the bottom of the stream.

MTN-2361 TCIV H264 stream does not work in Honeywell Maxpro NVR

RTSP H.264 does not work in Honeywell Maxpro NVR, workaround is to use MJPEG RTSP stream

MTN-2360 Client side forwarding does not work in SIP mode

Client side forwarding, which can be configured as a DAK action or activated from INCA display menu, does not work in SIP mode. Workaround is to use SIP server side forwarding.

MTN-2359 Stream is not always established in Pelco VideoExpert VMS version 3.0 or newer

Stream is not always established in Pelco VideoExpert VMS version 3.0 or newer, workaround is to follow all the steps described here when adding TCIV station to Pelco VideoExpert

MTN-2358 Making a point-to-point call during High priority Group call will drop group call audio.

When 2 stations establish a point-to-point call during High priority Group call, they will no longer receive audio from current High priority group call.

MTN-2356 SNMP not working properly on TCIV under high CPU load

SNMP is not working properly on TCIV under high CPU load, which means that SNMP traps and inform messages can be sent with delay, or not be sent at all. This only happens if TCIV is placed under very high load, under normal operating conditions SNMP function without any issues.

MTN-2339 Group call chime is not played on 3rd party SIP stations

Group call chime (WAV file) is not played on third party SIP devices when Group Call is set over multicast IP address.

MTN-2220 Default SNMP settings issue with firmware downgrade to 4.9

When downgrading from VSFT 4.11+ to 4.9 a factory reset is necessary if user wants to use default SNMP configuration. For custom snmp.conf file, re-upload with a custom snmp.conf file will fix the problem.

MTN-1073 Group call fails if system previously configured with ZAP

If system was configured with ZAP (VS-IMT Pulse SDK project) and then switched to XML configuration by deleting data.lua file, it is possible that Group Calls shall not work. A workaround is that (1) data.lua file is deleted from all stations including Pulse server - this will reboot stations, and (2) after reboot go to Server configuration -> Save + Apply - this will again reboot all stations.