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The Softclient will turn your computer into a Zenitel intercom, providing access to a wide set of critical communication services.
These services include ability to make intercom calls, public address calls, communicate with mobile radios.


  • Turn your computer into a Zenitel intercom
  • Can be operated with mouse or from the keyboard
  • Address book/directory
  • Works with touch screens

Some typical areas to use the SoftClient are:

  • Control room applications: No need for an additional intercom device at the desk. Use the computers audio device (e.g. Bluetooth headset) for communication.
  • Reception services handling door calls
  • People on the move wanting access to the ICX-AlphaCom services via their laptop

Note icon It is highly recommended to use an audio device which suppresses acoustic echo. This can either be a headset or a special unit with acoustic echo cancellation, such as an internal audio card which supports this feature or an external audio unit

License requirements

The Softclient is a licensed feature. One license is required per registered client.

Other requirements

Intercom Server software:

  • ICX-AlphaCom: Any version
  • AlphaCom XE: Minimum AMC ver. 11


Processor Minimum: Pentium 4® 2.4 GHz or equivalent
Memory 100 MB
Hard Disk Space 20 MB
Operating system
Microsoft Windows 7 or later
Connection IP Network connection (broadband, LAN, wireless)
Sound card Full-duplex 16-bit soundcard, or USB headset/speakerphone (recommended to use)

Optional configuration

In case the Softclient is to be used for one of the following audio features, some additional configuration is required:

To be able to listen to any of these services, add the following event to the Event Handler:

Event Handler

Action commands:

$SNV Q61004 W1 W4 W6

A reset of the ICX-AlphaCom is required for the changes to take effect.

Additional Documentation

For more documentation please see