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Certain AlphaCom features require a software license key. The license key is linked to the MAC address of the AMC-IP board.

Note icon For licenses for the ICX-AlphaCom see this article: Licenses for ICX-500 and ICX-AlphaCom Core

AlphaCom XE License Activation Code and License Keys


Zenitel generates a ‘License Activation Code’ (LAC) which can be regarded as the actual article. In order for Zenitel to be able to generate the actual License Key, the License Activation Code must be registered at Zenitel together with the MAC-address of the AMC-IP card for which the license is intended.

Registration can be done by reporting the MAC-address and LAC in an e-mail to More than one LAC can be listed on the registration form. All listed License Activation Codes together with the MAC address will be used to generate a single License Key which will enable all licensed functions.

The License Key will be shipped to the customer’s e-mail address. As the License key is rather complex, it should be inserted in the set-up program using the copy/paste function.


In case of service replacement of an AMC-IP card, all licenses will remain available for a 20-day period. A new lasting license key must be obtained for the new AMC-IP card during this period. If it is a replacement of a black AMC v11 card, all licenses are kept with the movement of the STIC.

Additional licences

Additional licenses can be purchased at any time. Any new license will be added to already purchased licenses for the same hardware. A new license key will be issued to replace the existing license key; this will cover all the new and old legal licenses.

Inserting the license key

AlphaWeb: Input license key
  • Obtain the license key from your STENTOFON supplier
  • Log on to AlphaWeb
  • Select System Configuration > Licensing
  • Press the Insert new License Key button
  • Enter the 24 or 36 character key string in the Input License Key field
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions by pressing "Yes"
  • Activate the license by clicking "Yes" to "Do you want to reset the amc system now?"

Free License period

The AMC-IP board comes from factory with a 20-day "free license". All licenses are enabled during this period. The time is counted down only when the AMC-IP board is operational.


AlphaNet license

AlphaNet over IP

AlphaCom XE Audio Servers can be interconnected via IP networks. This does not require additional hardware inside the server, but requires the correct license. The license for STENTOFON AlphaNet makes it possible to establish communication between AlphaCom XE nodes in an IP network.

The license gives the number of calls that can be active simultaneously.

Available AlphaNet licenses:

  • 1009640002: AlphaNet and Multi-Module VoIP License for 2 Static Lines
  • 1009640008: AlphaNet and Multi-Module VoIP License for 8 Dynamic Lines
  • 1009640016: AlphaNet and Multi-Module VoIP License for 16 Dynamic Lines
  • 1009640030: AlphaNet and Multi-Module VoIP License for 30 Dynamic Lines
  • 1009640108: AlphaNet and Multi-Module Upgrade from 2 to 8 Dynamic Lines

The licenses are stackable.

For more documentation please see

A static license means that the destination node of an audio link needs to be defined at commissioning, a dynamic link is a common resource, and can be used for any audio link that requires connection.

Note: This license can also be used for Multi-Module systems. A license will then be required in all connected modules, also in the slave modules. Although this license can be used for MultiModule, it is recommended to use the dedicated "MultiModule" license for this purpose, see next paragraph.

MultiModule license

MultiModule over IP

The STENTOFON AlphaCom XE MultiModule function makes it possible to increase the capacity of an exchange by adding up to four AlphaCom XE server cabinets together in a multi-module.

The multi-module license gives the possibility to expand the size of an Audio Server. It is possible to add up to 4 modules in a multi-module Audio Server. The modules will be linked together over a local area IP network (LAN). 30 VoIP channels are available in each server module.
Note: The license is required in the master module only, the slave modules do not need any license.

Available MultiModule licenses:

  • 1009640202: Multi-Module VoIP license - 2 Modules
  • 1009640203: Multi-Module VoIP license - 3 Modules
  • 1009640204: Multi-Module VoIP license - 4 Modules
  • 1009640211: Multi-Module VoIP license, upgrade + 1 module

For more documentation please see

IP station license

IP stations require a license. The maximum number of stations which is supported by one AlphaCom XE Audio Server is 552. These can all be IP stations.

In order to distribute Group call and Audio Program to more than 50 IP stations, the network must support multicast.

The IP Station License restricts the number of IP stations which can be registered with the system. It is not related to number of stations in simultanous use!

Available licenses:

  • 1009641001: IP Station License for 1 Station
  • 1009641006: IP Station License for 6 Stations
  • 1009641012: IP Station License for 12 Stations
  • 1009641036: IP Station License for 36 Stations
  • 1009641138: IP Station License for 138 Stations

The licenses are stackable.

CRM-V DAK expansion

The CRM V license enables the use of DAK48 module(s)

The IP Flush Master 1008031000 can be equipped with the expansion module IP DAK-48 Unit. To enable the use of the DAK48 module a license is required.
License to enable the use of DAK48 module:

  • 1009648001: License for CRM-V DAK expansion

The license is stackable.

For more information about CRM-V, see CRM V - Control Room Master

Note icon The IP Flush Master can be equipped with up to two DAK48 modules. But still only one "CRM-V DAK" license is required.

SoftClient license

The software can be installed on any number of PC's, but only as many softclients can register simultaneously with the AlphaCom XE server as the number of licenses purchased.

  • 1009648011: STENTOFON Softclient - 1 License
  • 1009648012: STENTOFON Softclient - 6 Licenses
  • 1009648013: STENTOFON Softclient - 12 Licenses
  • 1009648014: STENTOFON Softclient - 36 Licenses
  • 1009648015: STENTOFON Softclient - 138 Licenses

The licenses are stackable.

A SoftClient does not consume any IP Station license.

SIP station license

SIP stations

The SIP Stations License for STENTOFON AlphaCom XE makes it possible to connect STENTOFON certified SIP equipment via IP. The license makes it possible to take advantage of many of the useful features associated with SIP based IP telephony equipment between the SIP stations themselves and the other STENTOFON stations.

Through the inbuilt AlphaCom XE’s SIP Registrar it is possible to define SIP Stations as AlphaCom XE extensions that can be called directly from any intercom station in the system. It is easy to configure and manage SIP units. SIP stations can call all intercom stations. SIP stations can be IP telephones, PC and PDA with soft clients or telephone adapter linking in ISDN or analogue telephones.

Up to 500 SIP stations can be registered to one AlphaCom exchange.
Available licenses:

  • 1009643001: SIP Station License for 1 SIP telephone
  • 1009643006: SIP Station License for 6 SIP telephones
  • 1009643012: SIP Station License for 12 SIP telephones
  • 1009643036: SIP Station License for 36 SIP telephones

The licenses are stackable.

SIP trunk license

SIP Trunking

This SIP Trunk License makes it possible to connect AlphaCom XE directly to iPBXs or DECT systems over IP networks, or to a telephone network through a gateway to an analogue or ISDN (BRI or PRI) system. SIP trunks give a seamless integration between the AlphaCom E and other telecom systems supporting advanced functions like 'see who is calling' and shared numbering plans. The SIP license is tested and verified towards several SIP systems on the market.

The license will operate on all STENTOFON AlphaCom XE systems and upgraded AlphaCom systems.

Available licenses:

  • 1009642001: SIP Trunking License for 1 line
  • 1009642002: SIP Trunking License for 2 lines
  • 1009642004: SIP Trunking License for 4 lines
  • 1009642104: SIP Trunking License for 4 lines - upgrade from 2 Lines
  • 1009642008: SIP Trunking License for 8 lines
  • 1009642016: SIP Trunking License for 16 lines

The licenses are stackable.

The licenses gives the maximum number of simultaneous trunked calls.

RingMaster Interface

Ring-Master and AlphaCom E communication

This license is required for communication between Ring-Master CB901 and STENTOFON AlphaCom IP systems

Available license:

  • 1009649001: License Key for Communication Between CB901 and AlphaCom E or XE

M100 Interface

M100 and AlphaCom E communication

This license is required for communication between M100 and STENTOFON AlphaCom IP systems

Available license:

  • 1009649101: License Key for Communication Between M100 and AlphaCom E or XE

API License

The API license is used by the VS-Operator, the OPC Server and the VS-SDK for AlphaCom (Software Development Kit).

The OPC server and the SDK communicates with the AlphaCom over the TCP/IP protocol. For the server to operate a license has to be supplied to the AlphaCom. In an AlphaNet each exchange must have its own API license.

Available API licenses are:

  • 1009649901: API interface supporting 40 stations
  • 1009649902: API interface supporting 80 stations
  • 1009649903: API interface supporting 160 stations
  • 1009649904: API interface supporting 240 stations
  • 1009649905: API interface supporting 320 stations
  • 1009649906: API interface supporting 400 stations
  • 1009649907: API interface supporting 552 stations

Additional note:

  • Analog stations: Only physical positions were there is an ASLT board or ATLB board present will consume licenses.
  • IP stations: Stations with the "CCoIP Station" flag set in AlphaPro will take an API license, regardless if the station is registered or not.
  • Stations which are deleted from the Directory & Features list in AlphaPro will not consume any license.
  • The licenses are not stackable! It's not possible to use a 40 stations and a 80 stations license to get 120 stations. You have to use the 160 stations license

Billing License

The Vingtor ACM Billing application requires a license to operate. There are 5 license packages available which also determines the number of simultaneous out-going Billing calls that can be handled.

The Billing license packages are:

  • 1009647902: 2 simultaneous out-going Billing calls
  • 1009647904: 4 simultaneous out-going Billing calls
  • 1009647908: 8 simultaneous out-going Billing calls
  • 1009647916: 16 simultaneous out-going Billing calls
  • 1009647932: 32 simultaneous out-going Billing calls

For more documentation please see

Note: There are no direct relation between the number of Billing licenses and number of Billing trunks, there can be more trunks and lines than the number of licenses (or vice versa). As of today the Billing trunks uses SIP trunks for out-going calls and the SIP trunks needs their own licenses as well.

In an AlphaNet, several nodes can be activated with a Billing license. Other nodes which have no local Billing license activated can still report and/or make Billing calls to ONE of the nodes which have the Billing license activated.

Audio Messaging License

There are three types of Audio Messaging licenses:

  • 1009648500 - Basic Audio Messaging License: License requires AMC-IP v11 hardware. Includes Delayed PA broadcast using recall to prevent feedback problems, 1 auto-attendant message, 2 MByte memory storage for audio messages.
  • 1009648501 - Enhanced Audio Messaging License: License requires AMC-IP v11 hardware. Includes Delayed PA broadcast using recall to prevent feedback problems, 3 auto-attendant messages, 10 MByte memory storage for audio messages. Full ASVP functionality.
  • 1009648502 - PA Recall License: License can be installed on both AMC-IP v10 and v11 hardware. License for Delayed PA broadcast using recall to prevent feedback problems.

For more documentation please see

Redundancy License

In a system with redundant AlphaCom servers, the standby server needs a Redundancy License. This is the only license required in the standby server. Which redundancy license to use depends on how many users (IP stations + SIP stations + IP-ARIO + SoftClients) it should take over.

  • 1009647801: Redundancy License 36 Users
  • 1009647802: Redundancy License 138 Users
  • 1009647803: Redundancy License 276 Users
  • 1009647804: Redundancy License 552 Users

The licenses are not stackable.

For more documentation please see

IP-ARIO Audio License

An IP-ARIO Audio License is required when the audio part of IP-ARIO is used, i.e. when used as PA-interface or for Radio integration. No license is required when using the digital inputs or outputs. This licenses can be combined and the maximum amount for IP-ARIO Audio units is 255. Using just the I/O part have no limitation of amount of units.

  • 1009641601: IP-ARIO Audio License - 1 IP-ARIO
  • 1009641602: IP-ARIO Audio License - 2 IP-ARIOs
  • 1009641603: IP-ARIO Audio License - 4 IP-ARIOs
  • 1009641604: IP-ARIO Audio License - 8 IP-ARIOs
  • 1009641605: IP-ARIO Audio License - 16 IP-ARIOs
  • 1009641606: IP-ARIO Audio License - 32 IP-ARIOs

The licenses are stackable.

Active recording interface License

AlphaCom Recording Interface provides a solution to record audio for two-way calls, group calls, and simplex and duplex conferences.

  • 1009648092: Active recording interface - 2 users
  • 1009648093: Active recording interface - 6 users
  • 1009648094: Active recording interface - 12 users
  • 1009648095: Active recording interface - 36 users
  • 1009648096: Active recording interface - 72 users
  • 1009648097: Active recording interface - 138 users
  • 1009648098: Active recording interface - 276 users
  • 1009648099: Active recording interface - 552 users

The licenses are stackable.

For more documentation please see

Pelco License

The Pelco licenses are obsolete as from July 2015.

  • 1192100101: STENTOFON-Pelco Interface License Supporting 40 Stations
  • 1192100102: STENTOFON-Pelco Interface License Supporting 80 Stations
  • 1192100103: STENTOFON-Pelco Interface License Supporting 160 Stations
  • 1192100104: STENTOFON-Pelco Interface License Supporting 240 Stations
  • 1192100105: STENTOFON-Pelco Interface License Supporting 320 Stations
  • 1192100106: STENTOFON-Pelco Interface License Supporting 400 Stations
  • 1192100107: STENTOFON-Pelco Interface License Supporting 552 Stations

Exigo (ENA) Amplifier license

One ENA Amplifier Channel License is required per amplifier channel.

  • 1009641701: License for 1 Exigo amplifier channel
  • 1009641702: License for 2 Exigo amplifier channels
  • 1009641703: License for 3 Exigo amplifier channels
  • 1009641706: License for 6 Exigo amplifier channels
  • 1009641712: License for 12 Exigo amplifier channels

DAVC license

  • 1009641801: License for 1 AVC Source
  • 1009641802: License for 2 AVC Sources
  • 1009641806: License for 6 AVC Sources
  • 1009641812: License for 12 AVC Sources

High bandwidth audio license

One "High bandwidth audio license" per AlphaCom server.

  • 1009648510: High bandwidth audio license