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Obsolete icon This product is discontinued!

ATLB Telephone Line Board

ATLB is replaced by the ATLB-12 board.


  • Is used for 2-wire connection of telephones as stations in an AlphaCom system
  • Each board provides 6 telephone connections and 1 voice-switched conversation
  • 6 remote control outputs (software configurable activation)
  • Hotline function
  • DTMF dialing
  • R-button detection
  • Selectable -48V or -24V battery feed
  • 600 ohm or complex impedance hybrid balance
  • Line monitoring using resistor in parallel with phone
  • Hot-plug in and out of the board
  • Red/green/amber LED indicates system status

Additional Documentation

For more documentation please see


ATLB card with jumpers

Connection Boards

The standard connection board provides connection for 6 analogue telephones and 6 RCO outputs.

The ATLB provides connection for 6 analogue telephones and 6 RCO outputs. In addition the board provides protection against heavy transients and a ring voltage generator. This board is used when the subscriber cabling may be exposed to heavy transients and should always be used if there are outdoor cables. The ring voltage generator is needed when there are several phones in parallel on the same line, or the lines are very long.

Connection Board ATLB

Connection Board Prot/Ring ATLP

AlphaCom E20/E26

Telephones and control outputs are connected to a connection board mounted on the exchange connection field.

Telephone connection board with transient protection (100 9930 202) and subscriber connection cable with filter board (100 9501 031) must be purchased separately.

AlphaCom E7

All telephones are connected by means of pluggable screw terminals on the exchange back-plane.

Note: When the ATLB board is used in AlphaCom E7 only four RCO's are available.

Installation Overview

Telephone connection to ATLB in XE20 and XE26
Telephone connection to ATLB in XE7

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