Force analog phone to go on-hook by tone

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Transmit a tone to force the phone to go on-hook when conversation is ended

When using analog telephones without handset (e.g. phones with a single push button) on ATLB/ATLB-12 boards, and the conversation is ended by the intercom station, a signal must be sent from the AlphaCom to the phone to make it go on-hook.

Many single push button phones have an option to go on-hook when they receive a DTMF signal or a busy signal.

It is possible to configure the AlphaCom to send a tone after the conversation is ended.

The parameter can be set by the following event in the Event Handler:

Transmit busy tone (Q1) when the call is ended

A reset of the AlphaCom is required after having sent the configuration to the AlphaCom.

The action string is: $SNV Q1 W1 W2 W25

Q1 means Busy tone. You can change this parameter according to what tone is required. E.g. $SNV Q14 W1 W2 W25 will transmit DTMF tone 4.

Options are:

  • 0 = default behavior
  • 1 = Busy tone
  • 10-19 = DTMF tones 0-9
  • 20 = DTMF tone *
  • 21 = DTMF tone #

Additional information

The actual parameter in the NVRAM is:

ex_profile.glob_const.hs_tone_call_res = x
  • This feature is only valid for ATLB stations, other stations using handset will get standard off-hook tone when the conversation is ended.
  • Software requirement: AMC software or newer