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Obsolete icon This product is discontinued!

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The ATLB-12 line board is used for connection of 2-wire DTMF telephones to the AlphaCom server.


  • High capacity line card for analogue telephones supporting 12 subscribers lines
  • Supports all ACM telephone features
  • Supports hotline calling and DTMF dialing
  • Each board supports 6 programmable remote outputs
  • Includes voice switching circuits for two loudspeaking conversations
  • Board hot plug-in

Connection material

Physical ports

The ATLB-12 provides 12 telephone lines. The 6 first telephone lines get the physical number according to the physical slot the ATLB-12 is but into. The 6 last telephone lines have an offset of 276 to 6 first physical numbers.


  • ATLB-12 installed in slot 1 is using physical numbers 1-6 and 277-282.
  • ATLB-12 installed in slot 2 is using physical numbers 7-12 and 283-288.
  • ATLB-12 installed in slot 3 is using physical numbers 13-18 and 289-294.
  • Etc.


The 3 DIP switches located on the ATLB-12 card are not relevant for the board’s performance since they are not implemented for use yet. They are placed on the board for future use only.

Software Requirement

Minimum software requirement in AlphaCom: AMC

Line Monitoring

The ATLB-12 must be equipped with special software (05.51 or later) in order to support line monitoring. Note that when using ATLB-12 with line monitoring, there can be maximum 15 x ATLB-12 boards in one AlphaCom XE20 or XE26 module. In addition there can be 2 x ASLT boards and 1 x AGA board. For the line monitoring to work, the line must be terminated with an 8k2 resistor.

As the ATLB-12 software cannot be updated in the field, this must be done at the factory before the board is shipped. Please contact if line monitoring is required.

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