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Software in production: ATLB12_v0550
Software released date: 2009-07-03

ATLB12 Versions


Functional changes / Enhancement

Ringing Pattern

The ringing pattern for ATLB12 now uses the same private ringing pattern as default used on ASLT and IP stations. 1,5 second ON and 1,5 second OFF. The update is backward compatible for AlphaSys versions.


Functional changes / Enhancement

Line monitoring added

Line monitoring technical spec.:

Type of Line Test is current monitoring with resistor at end of telephone line.

  • Will detect broken line.
  • Will NOT detect shorted line immediately ( telephone wires shorted together is detected as off-hook by SLIC circuit.)
  • After 1 hour permanent Off-Hook will be reported as fault by AMC-software (default time). See Off-hook too long parameter in AlphaPro

- Termination resistor proposal is 8,2kohm / 0,4W ( Can use lower value, but not higher.) ( Power dissipation for 8,2k is 41Vx41V / 8,2K = 0,20W.)
- Line monitoring current will be 5mA for lines shorter than 1km, ( 41V line voltage / (8,2k + 120 ohm line) = 4,93 mA)
- Line monitoring current will be 4,7mA for 5km long lines. ( 41V / (8,2k + 600 ohm line) = 4,66 mA)
- Line OK range is 3,5mA to 12mA +/- 20%. E.g. if leakage from line is more than 3,5mA +/-20% line will always be OK even when broken.
- At 12mA current, Off-hook is detected in Idle.

Current schema:

  • 0mA – 3,5mA Line FAULT, ( +/-20%)
  • 3,5mA - 12mA Line OK, (+/-20%)
  • 12mA is Off-Hook threshold in Idle, ( Note 9mA is Off-Hook threshold when ringing, but then Line monitoring is turned off.)
  • Above 12mA, immediate rise up to 30mA constant current, for feeding telephones.

Line monitoring operation:

  • ATLB-12 receives protocol message from AMC, to start monitoring of selected lines.
  • ATLB-12 test selected lines every second, each line-test takes 10ms.
  • ATLB-12 use ca 120ms for complete line test and then halts for ca 900 ms before automatically starting next test sequence.
  • ATLB-12 switches to “monitoring voltage generator” for line testing. This gives a small voltage transition (0,5V) on the line.

This transition causes a “plop” on the line every second, so if “On-hook broadcast calls” are implemented, those lines can not have Line Monitoring.

ATLB12_v0550 (2009-07-03)

     NOTE: This SW-version is NOT backwards compatible with HW-versions 01.xx !!
     SW-versions from now on are only compatible with HW-version 02.00 and newer.

Errors Corrected

Max 12 ATLB12 cards in an exchange

Previously, more than 12 ATLB12 cards in an exchange would reset the whole exchange. Total number of ATLB12 cards in an exchange is no longer an issue.

Every 8'th call stuck in simplex

See ATLB12_v0502. This error is now fixed 100%.

Functional changes / Enhancement

One of the clk-input pins are now changed. The HW-version is now 02.00. This SW can not be used with older HW-versions (versions 01.xx)!

ATLB12_v0548 (2009-07-02)

    NOTE: This is the last SW version that is compatible with HW-versions 01.xx!

Errors Corrected

Faders always ON

All call goes through without using M-key. Fixed.

ATLB12_v0502 (2009-04-20)

Errors Corrected

False on-hook

Going from loudhearing conversation to handset with DT-800 telephone disconnected the call. Fixed

Every 8'th call stuck in simplex

Every 8'th call were stuck in simplex. Only one-way speech if loudspeaking intercom was used. Telephone to telephone were ok. This is now fixed 90% (1 og 80 may fail).

ATLB12_v0501 (2008-04-25)

Errors Corrected

Short off-hook sets line dead

Short offf-hook (0,5sec) sets line dead. No dial tone. If called, phone will not ring.Fixed.

RCO outputs reversed

Programmed output 1 ended as RCO-line 6, 2 as 5 etc.Fixed.

Functional changes / Enhancement

Flash (R) key not implemented.

The flash (R) key is now implemented.