Filter and connection card ASLT and ATLB

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1009501041 filter and connection card
9501041 RS.jpg


The 1009501041 is a combined filter and connection card for use with ASLT, ATLB and ATLB-12 cards inside AlphaCom E20 and AlphaCom E26 exchanges. The top six RJ45 connectors on the card match directly with STENTOFON station cables EPKAB98510 and EPKAB98515. RCO’s are available on the 7th RJ45 connector.

By using this filter/connection card it is possible to terminate CAT5 installation cables directly inside the exchange without using additional patchframes.


The card features a dipswitch package. When the dipswitches are in the downward position, the filter/connection card matches with an ASLT card, in the upward position it matches with an ATLB card. This information is also available in silkscreen print on the card itself.


RJ45 pinout

pin no.
Port 1 - 6
Port 1 - 6
Port 1 - 6
Port 7
1       RCO 1
2       RCO 2
3 a-wire   a-wire (line 1) RCO 3
4   a-wire   RCO 4
5   b-wire   RCO 5
6 b-wire   b-wire (line 1) RCO 6
7 c-wire   a-wire (line 2) GND
8 d-wire   b-wire (line 2) GND

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