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OBS icon This article is applicable for systems running AMC software prior to version 10.55.

As from AMC software 10.55 the handling of SIP users have been changed, and SIP Registrar node is no longer needed. Please see the article SIP phone as station.

SIP nodes in AlphaCom E exchanges are made by creating nodes of the type 'SIP Node'. The SIP nodes are actually virtual nodes running inside the same AMC hardware. Only one SIP registrar node can be defined in one exchange. The SIP registrar node receives REGISTER messages from SIP clients and maintains a list of currently registered clients.

Each SIP station is defined as a global number and can be called directly from any intercom station in the system. SIP stations can call all intercom stations. SIP stations can be IP telephones, PC and PDA with soft clients or telephone adapter linking in ISDN or analogue telephones.

AlphaWeb Configuration

  • Insert license for SIP stations
  • The SIP protocol must be enabled in the firewall. Enable port 5060 on the desired Ethernet port. Port 5060 is by default enabled for Ethernet port 1.
Enable port 5060 for SIP services

AlphaPro Configuration

Create a SIP Registrar Node

From the AlphaPro main menu, use the ‘+’ button next to the ‘Select Exchange’ dropdown list to create a new exchange. The exchange type must be set to ‘SIP Node’.

AlphaPro Create SIP Registrar.jpg

  • Select the AlphaCom node number which the SIP Registrar should be related to (normally node 1)
  • Choose which of the ethernet ports 0 or 1 the SIP phones should use

Note: If the AlphaCom is configured with a SIP Trunk node in addition to the SIP Registrar node, the SIP Registar node must have a lower node number than the SIP Trunk node.

Define the AlphaCom <-> SIP routing

In Exchange & System > Net Routing use the Insert button to create a route between the AlphaCom and SIP Registrar node. Choose Data: ACDP Link = SIP Link, and set Preferred codec to G711u and RTP Packet Size to 10 ms.

Configuration guide for AudioCodes MP114 118 - Define the AlphaCom SIP routing.jpg

Create SIP phone number

The directory numbers of the SIP phones are entered into AlphaPro as remote AlphaNet numbers pointing to the Registar node. In Directory & Features menu insert a new number with feature 83 and Node = SIP Registrar node (100 in this example). In the example below a SIP phone has been assigned directory number 9555.

AlphaPro Add SIP Phone.jpg

The SIP Registrar node will accept registrations only from stations with number found in this list of directory numbers.

Update the exchange

Log on to the exchange and update the exchange by pressing the SendAll button. Reset the AMC board when the transfer is finished.

Monitoring SIP status

Register status

When a SIP phone is registered it will appear in AlphaWeb, System Monitoring > SIP.

Registered SIP phones

License status

AlphaWeb, System Configuration > License Key, shows the license status for SIP stations:

  • # of licenses: The total number of SIP stations available with this license key
  • Current used: The number of registered SIP stations
  • Available: The remaining SIP stations