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Feature: Global Number - AlphaNet
Default directory number: None
Feature number: 83
Parameter 1: 1-254 = Node number of exchange (or SIP node) to call.
Parameter 2: Collect N more Digits before sending call. Useful for SIP Trunk.
Description: Call a remote station or feature within an AlphaNet, or access to a SIP device.

Global Numbers are used to create integrated number series throughout a network of AlphaCom exchanges. A Global Number is a directory number which points to a station/feature in a remote exchange. The number is stored locally in each exchange including name, thus appearing in the name list.

When dialling the Global Number the number is recognised locally, and the exchange establishes an AlphaNet audio link to the remote exchange, and dials the same directory number into the remote exchange, thus creating a conversation or activating a feature. The globally accessible station/feature must have the same directory number locally in it's own exchange.

Example: In node 2 there is a station with directory number 123, which also should be reached from node 1 by dialling the same number 123. This is done by creating a global number 123 (feature number 83/2) in node 1.

AlphaNet calls can also be made by using Area Code.

The Cluster functionality in AlphaPro is useful to manage Global Numbers, provided that all exchanges are managed from the same AlphaPro database.

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