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Feature: Area Code - AlphaNet
Default directory number: 54, 55
Feature number: 81
Parameter 1: 1-254 = Node number of exchange to call.

54 is area code to node 1, 55 is area code to node 2

Parameter 2: Collect N more Digits before sending call. Useful for SIP Trunk.
Description: Call a remote exchange within an AlphaNet.

To reach a station (or feature) in a remote exchange, dial area code followed by local directory number. The area code is recognised locally, while the remaining dialling is forwarded to the remote exchange for interpretation. This is in contrast to the Global Numbers, which transfers the digits to the remote exchange.

The Area Code feature always establishes an audio link to the remote exchange. The initiating station becomes temporarily "local" to the remote exchange, and can basically do whatever a local station to that exchange can do.

Dialling one’s own area code is allowed.

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