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ZMK Kit (1008132020)

The ZMK-1 is the kit to build your own station with touch display. In general Zenitel offers a number of IP based kits, which can be used for a wide range of applications. See the kit comparison chart.

Getting started


The ZMK-1 kit can operate in two different modes, depending on what kind of server it should register to. Choose one of the links below according to what mode you need to configure.

General configuration:

Device specific configuration:

Restore Factory Defaults and Software Upgrade


Used USB cameras should support the following:

  • Output format:
  • 1080P 30 FPS RAW (the best option), or
  • 1080P 30 FPS H264, and at least 480P 15FPS MJPEG or RAW on a separate stream.
  • Some cameras support providing 2 independent streams at the same time, for example one H.264 stream and one MJPEG stream which can be independently accessed. If in addition to primary stream, camera supports MJPEG output on a separate video device (secondary stream), we will use that stream as a source for HTTP MJPEG stream to achieve better performance.
  • Exposed v4l2 controls for setting contrast, brightness and saturation.

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