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The AlphaCom XE offers runtime trace and debug logging via the Linux Console. This is intended for debug and on-site trouble shooting of SIP communication between AlphaCom and SIP device.

Log on to the Linux Console via SSH (or telnet on AMC 10) (user: alpha; password: com), and type:

tst -s /tmp/sipd_trace

A few simple input commands are implemented, type single letters;

 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7: Set tracelevel.
       0: Fatal errors only
       4: SIP/AlphaNet message trace (default)
       7: All internal debug trace also
  l:  list active calls
  h:  This text

To do a SIP trace you normally choose level 4. You will see all SIP messages on the SIP trunk, as well as the internal messages between the SIPd (the internal SIP server running on the AMC-IP card) and the AMCd (the intercom application).

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