Station ID for MLH/CRM feature

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Feature: Station ID for MLH/CRM
Default directory number: 786
Feature number: 43
Parameter 1: 0 (N/A)
Description: Some Control Room stations based on the MPC Data Protocol must be told automatically what directory number the audio line has. In addition, the station stays in a programming mode where all digits dialled on the keypad are just sent out of the exchange on the MPC data protocol. The station then uses this e.g. to program dialler keys.

Procedure: Dial 786. A success tone is heard, and the station LED blinks two times rapidly (double-blink), then waits for digits. The feature is cancelled with the C key. Data generated on the MPC Data Protocol:

  • 0507 AAAA F786 0000 0000
  • 0210 AAAA

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