MPC Data Protocol

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The AlphaCom supports a subset of the MPC data protocol used with the classic Stentofon TouchLine exchanges. As it allows control of the AlphaCom exchange by mapping MPC commands to AlphaCom commands one-to-one it can be thought of as a variant of the simple link layer, but only for single-exchange (not AlphaNet) applications.

The output is broadcast of exchange events like dialled digits, station busy/free, connection and transfers. Note that it’s possible to send additional data strings from the AlphaCom’s Event Handler on this port also.

The AlphaCom supports a subset of the MPC Data Protocol for backward compatibility. This allowed some TouchLine generation equipment like PNCI, MLH and CRMIII/IV to be used with the AlphaCom.

As from software the MPC input commands also support global numbers, i.e. the command will be routed to the correct node.

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