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Call Forwarding

If you have to leave your usual station, but you want your calls to be answered anyway, you can forward your calls.

It is possible to forward to any of the following:

  • Another Station
  • Pager
  • Call Request
  • Telephone
  • Group Call
  • Group Hunt + telephone number
  • Simplex Conference (Program Conference)
  • Other station’s Call Request
  • Global number

  • To forward your calls, dial 71 + the number of the station (or the feature) you want your calls to be forwarded to.
  • Cancel the Call Forwarding from your own station: dial 70
  • Cancel from a remote station: dial 73 + your station number.
  • Turn on Call Forwarding from a remote station, dial 72 see Follow me below.
  • Program Call Forwarding to your own pocket pager: dial 71 + your own station number + 44/45.
  • Program Call Forwarding to another pocket pager than your own: dial 71 + directory number for direct pocket paging + 44/45.

Additional Information

  • When you have activated the Call Forward (or Follow me) feature on your station:
    • If your station is busy, the initiator of the Call will hear an attention tone before the call is forwarded.
    • Otherwise, your station will ring, and if nobody answers the call after a certain programmable number of ringing tones (by default 3), the initiator of the Call will hear an attention tone and the call will be forwarded.
    • To answer the call when the station is ringing, lift the handset or press the M key.
  • When you have forwarded your calls to a station C, and somebody calling you uses the Search feature (dialing 9), it is your own station’s search list which will be used and not station C’s search list.
  • The exchange can register up to 100 simultaneous Call Forwardings (including Follow Me).
  • Call Forwarding will cancel any absence message on the station and vice versa.
  • Call Forwarding does not include forwarding of Call Requests. Call Requests must be forwarded separately.
  • It is possible to set the number of rings before forwarding to 0. The call is then directly forwarded to the new destination without ringing on the station.
  • A Call can be forwarded only one time (from B to C). If station C has also activated a Call Forwarding to station D, the call initiated by A will be forwarded to C only, but not further.

See Also

33 Private Ringing Outgoing can also be used to obtain similar effects. This Event programming can also be used when calling external telephones via SIP.

Follow Me

If you are temporarily working away from your own office, you can have your calls re-routed to you. (This is the same feature as Call Forward, but you activate it from the remote station.)

  • At your new location: dial 72 + your own station’s number.
  • To cancel Follow Me from your own station: dial 70
  • To cancel from a remote station: dial 73 + your station number.

Inquiry Call

It is possible to make an Inquiry Call to a third station - without disconnecting. Press digit 2 to park the ongoing conversation and dial the third station’s number. The parked station will hear a waiting tone. Switch between the two stations by pressing digit 2 (Broker’s function).). Either station A or B can make an Inquiry Call.

You can also make Inquiry Calls to other features such as group calls or paging.

Call Transfer

After you have made an Inquiry Call to a station you can connect stations B and C and disconnect your own station by pressing digit 3. Only the person initiating the Inquiry Call can make the Call Transfer.