Private Ringing Outgoing (Event Type)

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Event description

Event Owner: A station or an UDP group making outgoing call
Event type: 33 - Private Ringing Mode Outgoing call
Subevent: 0, 1 or 2, see below
When change to ON: When calling a station, and private ringing starts.
When calling a SIP device, and the device returns SIP status "180 Ringing"
When change to OFF: When the private ringing ends
When related to: The called station

Sub Events

The ON event is always reported as Subevent 0.

But the OFF event is reported with three different subevents, according to why the ringing ended:

  • 0: The private ringing timed out (ref "Private Call Time" in AlphaPro)
  • 1: The call is connected through (either accepted by receiver, or forced with Priority)
  • 2: Call canceled by one of the parties.

Use Subevent = 255 if you want to catch all subevents.


Call forwarding on timeout to whatever. Especially useful for forwarding of unanswered calls to SIP, where normal call forwarding can not be used.

Example: SIP phone: Forward unattended call


This event is available from AMC Software 10.23

See also

-09 Private Ringing Mode is the corresponding event, with the owner and related-to swapped.