Private Ringing mode (Event Type)

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Event description

Event Owner: A station or an UDP group receiving incoming call
Event type: 09 - Private Ringing Mode
Subevent: N/A
When change to ON: Ringing starts (private ringing call or call transfer ringing)
When change to OFF: Ringing stops (Because of conversation, time-out or C-key)
When related to: The calling station


- Additional call indication
- CCTV control

Additional information

- See also event "01 Audio - Private Ringing"
- The event 09 stays ON as long as the station is ringing. It behaves differently from the event 01 Audio - Private ringing in two ways:
- 01 Audio follows the ringing tone, i.e. is ON for 1,5 sec then OFF for 1,5 sec.
- 01 Audio has no "Related to" information
-33 Private Ringing Outgoing is the corresponding event, with the owner and related-to swapped.