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WRITE_USER_DEF_DATA 0x008A 138 AMC 08.20
$WUDD W2 W20 Write 20 to variable 2
$WUDD W2 Q100000 Write 100000 to variable 2
Write User Defined Data. Store data for your own purpose. An array of 600 variables (6000 AMC 9.01), each 16 bit (32 bit AMC 9.03), survives exchange reset. Read variable in Event Handler with %udd(index).
1 UINT2 Index to variable , 0 – 600, ( 0 - 6000 AMC 9.01)
2 UINT2,
UINT4(AMC 9.03)
Value to put in variable, 0 - 65535.
(from AMC 9.03 both UINT2 and UINT4 are supported)
Response: COMMAND_RESPONSE(138,1,0) when success

Note that when used from the EventHandler, the data is written after the event handler action is completed. The event hander built in statement wudd takes on the other hand effect immediately, before next statement is executed. However, only DP message $wudd can write a value in a remote exchange.
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