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COMMAND_RESPONSE 0x0066 102 AMC 07.00
General response message to messages introduced in AMC 07.00 or newer messages.

(COMMAND_RESPONSE is used rather than dedicated XXX_ACK and XXX_NAK messages )

1 UINT2 The message_id that this message is a response to.

Example: 0x0065 if this message is a response to CANCEL_MAIL.

2 UINT1 Command status, possible values are:

1 = Command performed successfully.
2 = Target was busy, no queuing.

3 = Internal resource was busy, no queuing.

4 = Access not allowed. (OPC: no license)

5 = Target busy, command queued.

6 = Target HW failed/not present (OPC: overlapping registration of same OPC device from different nodes).

3 UINT4 Command response options:

Additional information about the execution of the message. Interpretation of this field is dependent on the message id, see separate descriptions under each message having this message as response.

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