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Zenitel video devices connect in SIP mode to ACTpro through ACTentry. The ACTentry server enables the association with access control doors and the communication to and from the operators using the ACTentry client.

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Integration overview


The integration works with Zenitel video devices from the TCIV+ and TMIV+ range.


No licenses are required from Zenitel.

The integration is licensed from acre security. All licences for ACTentry are managed through the ACTpro licensing framework (including expansion of existing licences). After you add the access control system, all valid licences will be pulled into the ACTentry Server. For further details, please contact acre security.


Adding Zenitel devices to ACTentry

Zenitel devices are added in the ACTentry management client.

ACTpro adding intercoms1.png
ACTentry management client

Click the ‘+’ icon to add an intercom

ACTpro adding intercoms2.png
ACTentry management client

Fill in the details in the pop-up:

Display Name A descriptive name for the Intercom
Intercom Model Select the appropriate Intercom from the list of supported Intercoms
Access Door All doors from the Access Control System will be displayed here. Select the door that will be associated with this Intercom
IP Address The IP Address that will be used to connect to the Intercom. This can also be DNS
Port Typically, 5060 is used for any SIP device. It is recommended checking with the intercom manufacturer for the port number
Username The username used to login to the Intercom
Password The password used to login to the Intercom

Configuration of Zenitel devices

Log on to the Zenitel station web and set station to SIP mode.

Navigate to SIP configuration --> Account/Call and add ACTentry server details.

ACTpro device configuration1.png
Adding ACTentry server details for registration
Name Enter a descriptive name for the intercom
Number (SIP ID) For the SIP ID, any number above 100 will work
Server Domain (SIP) Enter the IP address of the ACTentry Server

Press ‘Save’ after you have entered the correct values.

Navigate to ‘SIP/EDGE Configuration --> Direct Access Keys

ACTpro device configuration2.png
Adding ACTentry server address to call button

For ‘Button 1’ enter the IP address of the ACTentry Server. This will allow the Intercom to call the ACTentry Server.

Select ‘Save’ after you have entered the correct values and reboot the station.