AMAG Symmetry CompleteView - Adding TCIV+ camera

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This guide describes the configuration of Symmetry CompleteView It is assumed that Symmetry CompleteView has already been setup and is operational.

Add TCIV camera

  • Open the System Configuration tool and select Configure Servers:
System Configuration tool

Enter connection parameters, default values are:

  • Address: localhost
  • Username: admin
  • Password: blank (empty)
  • Under the Server Configurations, locate the Cameras entry. Right click on it and select Add Camera:
Select "Add Camera"

  • Enter a name for the camera, and press OK:
ERnter any descriptive text for the camera

  • Select the IP tab. From the Manufacturer dropdown select Generic (default).
  • From Model dropdown there are a few possible selections which will work with TCIV, depending on the TCIV configuration:
    • IP MJPEG Streaming Camera
    • RTSP/HTTP (H.264 only)
    • RTSP/TCP (H.264 only)
    • RTSP/UDP
Define "Manufacturer" and "Model"

Note icon It is recommended to use UDP mode for both audio and video stream. Tunneling options is not supported by default as it significantly increase Turbine resource usage. If tunneling is needed, it is required to enable it on Turbine station web on RTSP Settings page. Tunneling is only available on primary stream.

  • Required parameters:
    • Address - IP address of TCIV
    • HTTP Port - if HTTP MJPG is used this needs to be set to the port Turbine is using (8090, 8091).
    • Image Path
      • In case of RTSP set it to"/ID/RTSP/" where ID is either 1 or 2 (1=primary stream; 2=secondary stream). Note: audio and tunneling are not supported on secondary stream.
      • In case of HTTP MJPEG set it to "/mjpg/video.mjpg"

Example of a complete configuration:

Example of a complete configuration

  • If audio should be received together with video stream, it must be enabled in the Symmetry configuration.
  • Select Audio tab and ensure that Enable Audio is checked, and that Audio Source is set to "IP Camera".
Enable Audio if audio streaming is required

  • To save configuration select Server Configuration > Save Configuration:
Saving the configuration

  • To check if stream is properly configured, right click on TCIV under Cameras list and select Live View:
Select "Live View" to confirm that video streaming is working

  • If everything is properly configured you will see live stream:
Check that video streaming is working

View video streams

  • The actual VMS is accessed by starting the Video Client tool, enter user credentials at login an press OK.
Log in to the Video Client

  • All configured streams can be accessed by clicking on desired entry.
  • You can mute/unmute audio by clicking on the speaker icon in upper right corner of the video stream.
View video in the Video Client