AMC-IP Board - Replacement procedure

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This article gives a short overview how to replace an AMC-IP board.

AMC-IP Board STIC position.png

- Turn off power to the exchange.
- Remove the faulty AMC-IP board.
- Remove the STIC (STENTOFON Identity Card).
- Insert the STIC in the new AMC-IP board.
- Insert the new AMC-IP board.
- Switch on power.
- Connect a computer to the exchange Eth0 and open a web browser.
- Log on to the exchange by typing in the IP address (default of the exchange in the address field.
- Log in with the default credentials admin/alphaadmin

IF you have a backup follow this procedure:
Restore full Backup from PC

If you do not have a backup:
- Configure IP settings and filters
- Use AlphaPro to upload the customer database
- Reset the server for all settings to take effect