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The old system

The AMC software revisions has up to 10.56 been composed of two numerals, one major revision and one minor revision. This system has some limitations with respect to bug fixing and alpha and beta testing. As from the 10.60 release a new versioning system is introduced.

The same 4-digit version numbering has also been introduced for IP Station software as from version 01.09.x.x.

The new system

The new system have four numerals [Major].[Minor].[Dev.Stage].[Maintenance].

Software revision
                  -- -- - -
                   |  | | |
                   |  | | +--- Maintenance
                   |  | +----- Development stage
                   |  +------- Minor revision
                   +---------- Major revision

The meaning of each numeral is listed below:

  • Major revision:This is the normal major revision, and will only be incremented when a large update is performed. This would typically be when the hardware is considerably changed, as when the AMC moved from 9 to 10, and 10 to 11.
  • Minor revision: Is 'yee olde' minor revision, and will be incremented when new functionality is added.
  • Development stage: This is a code showing the development stage of the release. This can have four values, ranging from 0 to 3.
    • 0 Means that the release is under development and considered an alpha release
    • 1 Means that the release is under development, but ready for beta testing
    • 2 Means that the release is quite stable and considered a release candidate
    • 3 Means that the release is considered stable and is commercially available
  • Maintenance: This field is incremented when bugs are fixed in that release. This will enable us to do small bugfixes on released versions, without changing the minor revision