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Basic information


This article serves as a guideline to partners, related to the ICX license process as well as the product lifecycle management of ICX systems.

IC Asset Management System

The IC Asset Management System (IC AMS) provides a portal for product life cycle management, as well as a tool for partners/installers for license activation and license installation for ICX systems.


  1. Product key

    A Zenitel product key is a 25-character code used to activate Zenitel licenses. A product key contains all licenses included in one invoice. A product key can be used to generate several license files, but only for one end customer. It looks like this:

  2. Zenitel fingerprint file

    The Zenitel fingerprint file is a signed file which is generated by the ICX-500 or ICXCORE to be licensed. It serves as a way to uniquely identify the hardware on which the software/firmware is running.
  3. Zenitel license file

    The Zenitel license file is a signed file to be installed on ICX-500 or ICX-Core. Each ICX-500 or ICX-Core will have its own Zenitel license file.
  4. Site node

    In the IC Asset Management system, a site node is one ICX-500 or one ICX-Core. Each site will have its own license file. A site node is created from the End Customer dashboard.

IC AMS login

To log in to IC AMS, please visit

Login credentials are the same as for If you do not have a user account, registration can be done here:

First time login

When logging in to IC AMS for the very first time, the user will not have any affiliations. To link the user to the proper partner/company, a product key, belonging to the relevant company must be used for identification. To get the correct affiliation, the user must enter a valid product key, select the “Register” box and press “submit”.

AMS FirstTimeLogIn.png

The application will then be available for a Zenitel system admin or an already existing Partner admin, via the “Manage users” link on the IC AMS dashboard. When this application is approved, next time login will direct the user to the partner dashboard of IC AMS.

Standard login

Standard login to IC AMS is done via, using same login credentials as for Login will give access to the partner dashboard, which show:

  1. End customers
  2. Purchased product keys, with reference to:
  3. System administration
    • User management
    • System log
    • Reporting services

License activation

License activation for ICX is done by a Partner or installer, using the IC Asset Management system, The system provides two main options for license activation:

  1. License activation when logged in, typically the process when licenses are activated by a registered partner
  2. License activation without logging in, typically the process when licenses are activated by an installer, not registered as a user in IC AMS

Independent on the two activation alternatives, the following is required to be able to activate licenses:

  1. Valid product key(s) with licenses to activate – received from Zenitel CS
  2. Product key(s) linked to end customer – done by IC AMS registered user
  3. Fingerprint file for the ICX where license file is to be installed. The fingerprint file is generated via the ICX web interface

Link product key to end customer

To be able to link a product key to an end customer, the end customer must be defined in IC AMS. End customers are added to IC AMS by using the “Add new end customer” link in IC AMS. When adding an end customer, the following information must be provided:

  1. Company name
  2. Company email address
  3. Company contact person
  4. Company phone
Add endcustdata.jpg

A product key can only be linked to one end customer. Linking a product key to end customer is done via the IC AMS partner dashboard, by selecting the correct end customer from the drop down list in the product keys table.

Create endcustomer.jpg

License activation when logged in

When logging in to IC AMS to activate licenses, the main process consists of the following main steps:

  1. Navigate to the correct end customer, by clicking the end customer name in the end customer table.
  2. End custdashboard.jpg

  3. Create a site node, selecting the “create site node” link. First step when creating a new site node, is to upload the ICX fingerprint file. Select “Choose file” and browse to the relevant ICX fingerprint file. Press “Submit file” to upload fingerprint file to IC AMS.
  4. Create sitenode.jpg

  5. When fingerprint file is uploaded, a site address is required. Optionally you can also define a site label, only used for additional sorting/grouping.
  6. The number and types of licenses to activate must be selected, by entering the required number of licenses. The IC AMS will show the number of available licenses in parenthesis next to the license name.
    Select licenses to activate.jpg

    When the required licenses have been selected, the EULA acceptance box must be checked, before pressing “Create license” to generate a signed license file.

    Create license.jpg
  7. The license file generation have now been completed.
    The IC AMS will then provide:
    1. The signed license file in text format, which can be copied and pasted directly into the ICXweb of the ICX.
    2. Download link to the license file, which in turn can be uploaded to the ICX via ICXweb.

License activation by logging in using the Product Key

It is also possible to activate licenses and create a license file when only the Product Key is available, this for cases when an installer is on site, and does not have the required license file.

Note icon To create a license file by logging in using the Product Key, the product key must have been linked to the "End Customer" on beforehand by a registered AMS user.

To activate licenses in this way, the process is as follows:

  1. Navigate to and click on Login Using Product Key Instead. Now enter the relevant product key and press the “Submit” button. The license activation process will then be started, and the IC AMS will display the number of licenses included on this product key.
  2. Generate licensefile no login.jpg

    If the product key has not yet been assigned to an end customer, the process will stop, and the installer will be prompted with information that product key has not been assigned to an end customer. In this case, the installer will need to contact the partner, and make sure product key is linked to the end customer

    Productkey not assigned.jpg

  3. Next step will be to create a site node for this end customer, by uploading the ICX fingerprint file. To complete the license activation and license file generation, the following must be provided:
    • site address for the site node must be provided
    • Optionally the site label.
    • The correct number of licenses must be selected,
    • EULA acceptance must be done, before pressing “Create license” button
  4. Uploaded fingerprint no login.jpg

  5. The license file generation have now been completed. The IC AMS will then provide:
    1. The signed license file in text format, which can be copied and pasted directly into the ICXweb of the ICX.
    2. Download link to the license file, which in turn can be uploaded to the ICX via ICXweb
  6. License transaction complete.jpg