Absence Messages

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The Absence Message services are enabled by default, and the absence status is shown in the station display.

In order to get audio messaging support for the abcense messages, the ASVP Software Module must be installed, and the Enhanced Audio Messaging License must be present.

Leaving an Absence Message at Your Station

You can leave a pre-defined absence message at your own intercom station. Anybody who calls the station will hear and/or see the message. The messages also allow you to include additional information such as the time or date. Each message has its own directory number.

By default the following messages are available (time/date is optional).

Voice Message Display Text Dial
Out at the moment (Out until xxx) Out (until xx.xx) 771 (+ time)
In a meeting (until xxxx) Meeting (xx.xx) 772 ( + time)
Gone for the day (Back Tomorrow at xxxx) Gone (Arrive xx.xx) 773 (+ time)
Absent today (Absent until xxx) Absent today (Absent dd/mm) 774 (+ date)
Busy at the moment (Busy until xxxx) Busy (until xx.x.x) 775 (+ time)
Out for lunch (Lunch until xxxx) Lunch (xx.xx) 776 (+time)
On holiday (Holiday until xxxx) Holiday (dd/mm) 777 (+date)
Away for a few days (Away until xxxx) Away (dd/mm) 778 (+date)
Not available

(Contact me on telephone no. xxxxxxxx)

Not available

(Call xxxxxxxx)

779 (+telephone no)

When you have dialed the number, the message is read/displayed. If you select the wrong absence message or enter the wrong time or date, you can press the C-key to cancel the operation and start again. If you do not want to add the optional digits, just press M to finish. You can also change the absence message by selecting a new one any time later.

If you add the optional digits, the message changes slightly to match the new information. If spoken messages are used, the digit information on time/date is transformed to speech.

The message “Not available” can be used to leave a telephone number and the messages then changes to “Contact me on telephone number xxxxxxxx”.

The red lamp on the station flashes and an intermittent bleep sounds to indicate that there is an absence message. If you have a display station, the absence message appears in the display.

If you are at another station, you can leave or change an absence message at your own station, but not delete the message. Dial your own station number + 50 and proceed as above. This possibility may be confined to certain stations (typically one at the switchboard).

Additional Information

  • Optional digits:

Date format - ddmm - can be changed to mmdd. Time format - hhmm: 08.30/20.30 -cannot be changed. Telephone number - maximum number of digits is 16.

  • If you do not add optional digits and do not press M, the message is activated after a time-out.

Calling a Station With an Absence Message

When you see or hear an absence message, you may do one of the following:

  • Cancel by pressing the C-key
  • Leave a voice /text mail message (digit 7 + message no)
  • Leave a Call Back message (digit 8)
  • Activate the user’s search list (digit 9)
  • Press digit 1 to repeat the absence message
  • Break through absence message (M / 59).

The access to this feature depends on priority setting for the station.

Removing an Absence Message

  • On own station: Dial 70 and the station plays back or shows any voice/mail messages, or answers with "No Messages". The absence message is automatically removed and the red lamp stops flashing.
  • Remotely: An absence message can be remotely deleted by 73 + station number.