Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)

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Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) is a feature in the Zenitel IP devices. The purpose of the ANC is to cancel out the surrounding background noise and at the same time keep the voice signal intact.

Typical background noise could be noise from an air conditioner, a factory floor or a truck engine. The Active Noise Cancellation feature is by default active, hence there is normally no need to do any configuration.

IC-Edge mode

Log in to the Edge Controller, and navigate to Edge Controller > System Configuration > Call and Audio. The ANC feature can be disabled (or enabled) per device under the column "ANC":

ANC enabling/disabling in the IC-Edge system (screenshot from firmware 7 or later)

ICX-AlphaCom mode

In an ICX-AlphaCom system the Active Noise Cancellation is configured from AlphaPro. Select the Users & Stations window.

In the field Noise Reduction, select the value "1" (default) to enable the ANC feature, or "0" to disable.

Enabling ANC on a device in ICX-AlphaCom system

The Noise Reduction level is translated to the following ANC setting in the station:

  • Noise Reduction levels 1 and 2 are translated to Low
  • Noise Reduction levels 3 and 4 are translated to Moderate
  • Noise Reduction levels 5 and 6 are translated to High
  • Noise Reduction level 7 is translated to Very High

SIP mode

Log in to the Zenitel IP device, and navigate to SIP Configuration > Audio Settings, and enable/disable "Automatic Noise Cancellation (ANC)":

Enabling ANC on a device in SIP mode (screenshot from firmware 7 or later)

In Advanced Configuration mode there is an option to choose the strength of the Noise Cancellation. A higher setting will remove more of the background noise, but is more likely to generate some artifacts on the speech. The setting "Low" or "Moderate" is normally the best option.

Enabling ANC on a device in SIP mode (screenshot from firmware 7 or later)