AlphaPro - Compatibility

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The table below shows compatibility between:

  • AlphaPro and Windows OS versions
  • AlphaPro and audio server software versions
AlphaPro Compatibility.png

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  • As from version 12.0, AlphaPro does GetAll using http requests (port 80). This is supported on the server side as from AlphaCom ver. 12. However, it is possible to open AlphaPro 10 or 11 databases using AlphaPro 12.
  • As from AlphaPro version 11.5 there is no support for serial communication, which is needed to configure AMC 9. For AMC9 and mixed networks, AlphaPro 11.2.x.x must be used.
  • Databases made in a later AlphaPro version may not function properly if used in an older AlphaPro version. It is recommended to always use the latest AlphaPro version.