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To load factory default settings to an AMC-IP board an autoload or 'cold start' must be performed.

The AMC configuration will be set to factory default by one of the following actions:

  • Cold Start button: Pressing the coldstart button of the AMC-IP in combination with reset button.
  • From AlphaWeb: System Maintenance -> System Recovery -> Load Factory Defaults
  • From AlphaPro: Upload a default AlphaPro database to the exchange
  • Software upgrade: When upgrading the AMC software and the AMC Database versions are different, the running intercom configuration will automatically be deleted and factory default settings will be generated. E.g. an upgrade within version 10.0x (say 10.04 to 10.05) will keep the configuration, but an upgrade from 10.0x to 10.2.x (say 10.05 to 10.22) will set the configuration to factory defaults.

In addition a system will return to factory default settings if:

  • A Master backup 7821 is (accidentally) done on an autoloaded system. A master backup is automatically restored after exchange reset or power on.

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