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This article describes how to configure Avaya Communication Server 1000E R7.6 to interoperate with Zenitel Stentofon Turbine Intercom using SIP Line Gateway- Issue 0.1


The article describe the configuration steps required for Zenitel Stentofon Turbine Intercom to interoperate with Avaya Communication Server 1000E R7.6 using SIP Line Gateway (SLG). The Zenitel Stentofon Turbine Intercom is a door communicator that supports voice transmission using the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), in addition to being a door entry device. In the compliance testing, the Zenitel Stentofon Turbine Intercom was set up as a 3rd Party SIP Extension on Avaya Communication Server 1000E and underwent testing of various call scenarios with other Avaya telephones and Zenitel Stentofon Turbine Intercom units.

Configuration example

The illustrated configuration is an example for interoperability of Stentofon with CS 1000E. The CS1000E R7.6 runs on the Common Processor Pentium Mobile (CPPM) server as a co-resident configuration. The SLG application on the signaling server co-resides on the CPPM. Element Manager is used to access the SLG which resides on the Unified Communication Management Server which is accessed through the System Manager. SIP and Unistim Avaya 1140 IP Deskphones were configured. Stentofon Turbine is registered to the SLG as a Third Party SIP Client (SIP3). An ISDN-PRI trunk connects the CS1000E to the PSTN.

Equipment and Software

Equipment/Software Release/Version
Avaya Communication Server 1000E 7.6
Avaya 1140E IP Telephone 4.3 SP1
Zenitel STENTOFON Turbine Intercom Software version:

Configure Avaya Communication Server 1000E

The configuration operations illustrated in this section are performed using terminal access to the CS1000E over an SSH session. It is implied a working system is already in place and the SIP Line Gateway (SLG) is fully configured. For all other provisioning information such as installation and configuration, please refer to the Avaya product documentation.

Configuring Data block: SLS (SIP Line Services)

Create an SLS Data block using the change command in Overlay 15. Type LD 15 to enter the overlay. The User Agent Prefix (UAPR) is required when configuring the UEXT for each Stentofon Turbine.

LD 15

Prompt     Response        Description
>LD 15                        Enter Overlay 15
REQ           CHG             Change
TYPE          SLS_DATA        SIP Line Services Data block
CUST          0               Customer Number
SIPL_ON       YES             SIP Line on
UAPR          27              Prefix used to auto-generate the User Agent
NMME          NO              Multimedia Service

Configuring Universal Extension (UEXT)

Configure the UEXT on the CS1000E using the NEW command in overlay 11. Type LD 11 to enter the overlay. At the Key 01 prompt use UAPR as configured in the SLS_DATA Block in the previous section. The SIP User (SIPU) and Station control Password (SCPW) are required when configuring each Stentofon Turbine.

LD 11

Prompt     Response        Description
>             LD 11           Enter Overlay 11
REQ:          NEW             Create New 
TYPE:         UEXT            Universal Extension
TN            100 0 02 00     Terminal Number
DES           SIPL            Description
CUST          0               Customer Number
UXTY          SIPL            Universal Extension Type
MCCL          YES             Maximum Client Count Limit
SIPN          0               SIP Line for Nortel
SIP3          1               SIP Line for third-party
FMCL          0               Fixed Mobility Converged Line
SIPU          3020            Required for Stentofon Turbine USER ID
NDID          163             Node ID
SUPR          NO              Super User
ZONE          1               Bandwidth Zone assigned for IP Sets
SCPW          1234            Required for Stentofon Turbine USER Password
KEY 00        SCR 3020 0      Key 0
CPND          New             Calling Party Name Disply
Name          Stentofon2030   Name
Key 01        HOT U 273020    The HOT U number is derived from the UAPR as 
configured in the SLS_Data plus the Key 0 extension
Key 02

Obtain SIP Line information

Certain information will be required in order to configure Stentofon Turbine. This information can be found using the Element Manager associated with the CS1000E. The following information can be found in this section:

  • Telephony LAN (TLAN) Node IP Address
  • SIP Domain Name
  • SLG Local Sip Port

Access the web GUI of the Unified Communication Management server, using the URL http://<fqdn>/SMGR, where “<fqdn> is the fully qualified domain name of System Manager. Log in with the appropriate credentials. Once logged in click Communication Server 1000.

Avaya 2.png

On the Elements page of UCM Services, select Element Name associated with the CS1000E. In this example it is EM on cs1krp.

Avaya 3.png

Obtain the Telephony LAN (TLAN) Node IP Address

Once the CS1000 Element Manager page opens, double click on the required Node ID (not shown) select IP Network → Nodes Servers Media Cards. On this page, the Telephony LAN (TLAN) Node IP Address can be located for information needed when configuring the Stentofon Turbine.

Avaya 4.png

Finding the SIP Domain Name and SLG Local SIP Port

Using the scroll bar on the right side of the page scroll down and select SIP LINE (not shown). On this page the SIP Domain Name, SLG endpoint name and SLG Local SIP Port can be located for information needed when configuring the Stentofon Turbine.

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Configure Zenitel Stentofon Turbine Intercom

The following steps detail the configuration for Stentofon using the Web Interface. The steps include the following areas:

  • Launch Web Interface
  • Administer SIP Settings

Launch Web Interface

Access the Stentofon web interface, enter http://<ipaddress> in an Internet browser window, where <ipaddress> is the IP address of the Stentofon Turbine unit. Log in with the appropriate credentials. The IP-StationWeb screen is shown. In this instance the unit has obtained its IP address via DHCP, for more information on configuring Stentofon Turbine, see Turbine Configuration.

Avaya 6.png

Administer SIP Settings

Select Main Settings from the left menu and select Use SIP, and select the appropriate device model from the Turbine Frontboard drop down list, in this case Scrolling Station (TCIS-6). Click Save (not shown) when done. A screen will appear (not shown) to confirm the setting, click Apply and Stentofon will reboot.

Avaya 7.png

Click on SIP Configuration rarr; SIP Settings and configure the following in the Account Settings section:

Avaya 8.png

In the Call Settings section, configure as required the DTMF Method as SIP INFO or RFC 2833 (not shown) and the coded priorities.

Avaya 9.png

In the Relay Settings screen select a digit from the drop down box for to activate the various Relay feature. When this digit is pushed by a called party, the relay in the Stentofon will be energized/de-energized. Click Save when done. A screen will appear (not shown) to confirm the setting, click Reboot and Stentofon will reboot

Avaya 10.png

In the Address Book screen click Browse and navigate to a pre-defined address book. This file must be in CSV format such as the following example:

3021;SIP Station 3021
3022;Other Stentofon 3022
3000;Unistim Station 3000
3001;Unistim Station 3001
3050;HuntGroup 3050
3023;SIP Station 3023
*88;Pickup *88

Click Save and reboot the application from the Station Administration tab when done.

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Verification Steps

This section provides the tests that can be performed to verify correct configuration of CS1000E and Stentofon.

Verify Avaya Communication Server 1000E SIP Station Registration

Check the status of the Stentofon Turbine SIP registration by opening an SSH session to the signaling server.

  • Login with the appropriate credentials.
  • At the prompt enter the following command slgSetShowAll.

Example Below shows that the Stentofon Turbine 3020 is registered:

[admin@cs1krp ~]$ slgSetShowAll

=== VTRK ===
UserID           AuthId      TN           Clients  Calls  SetHandle  Pos ID    SIPL Type
---------------  ----------  ---------------  -------  -----  ---------  -------   -----
--------------- IPV4 Endpoints   --------------------------
                3020        3020     100-00-02-00        1      0  0x9ea3f48   SIP Lines
Total User Registered = 1   V4 Registered = 1  V6 Registered = 0

Verify Stentofon SIP Registration

From the Stentonfon Turbine web interface, select Station Information from the left menu. Verify that the Station Status Server Domain (SIP) shows Registered. Place a call to another endpoint to verify basic call operation.

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