Blind Transfer During Connection

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Blind Transfer feature


Blind Transfer is a variant of the standard Call Transfer.

  • Press 2 during conversation to put the station on hold, the station on hold will receive a busy signal
  • Dial the directory number of the third station or an idle feature code.
  • Station on hold will connect to the feature dialed and disconnect yourself.

Blind Transfer (feature 55/1) is not included in Factory Default. To enable digit "2" for Blind Transfer, modify the parameter 1 as indicated in the screen shot below.

Change "ID" to "1" to turn digit "2" during a call into a Blind Transfer

This extends the transfer feature to also give the possibility to do transfer to:

  • Stations in private
  • Ringing groups
  • SIP phones
  • Group call
  • ++

See also Call Transfer