CEM Systems AC2000 - ICX-AlphaCom integration

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The interface between the ICX system or the AlphaCom system and AC2000 from CEM Systems (Tyco) is based on a special integration module which is available from CEM Systems. This article assumes that the reader is familiar with setup and operation of AC2000.
The AC2000 Vingtor Stentofon interface provides seamless bi-directional communication between CEM Systems AC2000 and ICX/AlphaCom intercom servers and workstations, as well as their respective intercom devices.


The integration is licensed.

CEM Systems

The integration license for AC2000 is available from CEM Systems

  • SWINT-ALPHA Stentofon AlphaCom Intercom Interface


ICX requires the presence of the appropriate API/OPC license.

  • 1002602306 - ILI-API64 - API License Supporting 64 Stations
  • 1002602309 - ILI-API512 - API License Supporting 512 Stations

With ICX it is possible to purchase a single Product Key which covers all stations connected to all ICX's in a network. ICX licenses can be stacked, i.e. 1x 1002602306 + 2x 1002602309 gives 1088 API licenses which can be used on 2 or more ICXs.


The AlphaCom requires the presence of the appropriate API/OPC license. Note that every AlphaCom in an AlphaNet requires such a license.

  • 1009649901 - STENTOFON API License Supporting 40 Stations
  • 1009649902 - STENTOFON API License Supporting 80 Stations
  • 1009649903 - STENTOFON API License Supporting 160 Stations
  • 1009649904 - STENTOFON API License Supporting 240 Stations
  • 1009649905 - STENTOFON API License Supporting 320 Stations
  • 1009649906 - STENTOFON API License Supporting 400 Stations
  • 1009649907 - STENTOFON API License Supporting 552 Stations

Supported features

  • Seamless bi-directional integration to ICX/AlphaCom servers over VoIP using the SIP protocol
  • Use either AC2000 Intercom or ICX/AlphaCom SoftClient applications to communicate to any VoIP connected device
  • Receive input alarms on ICX/AlphaCom stations and control output relays to provide ‘command and control’ and ‘cause and effect’ functionality
  • Full call traffic monitoring and control from within Security Hub
  • Use input and call alarms with an existing CEM Systems supported video interface to provide video-pop-up functionality for live video intercom viewing or to trigger PTZ presets on call
  • Web application provides call log information and active or inactive status of all connected AC2000 intercom stations
  • Live Node status can be viewed from within Security Hub

Integrated SIP Device and Workstation Voice Communication

The AC2000 Vingtor Stentofon interface uses the ‘Session Initiation Protocol’ (SIP) and ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’ (VoIP) method for communication between both systems. AC2000 intercom devices and applications (e.g. AC2000 Intercom, emerald Intelligent Access Terminals and third party SIP subscribers) can make and receive calls from any connected ICX/AlphaCom station. In addition, any ICX/AlphaCom station can make and receive calls from any AC2000 intercom device or workstation.

Integrated I/O Control

Through the AC2000 interface it is possible for the AC2000 server to receive call alarms, input alarms and trigger outputs to and from the ICX/AlphaCom stations. This can be used as part of the AC2000 Security Management System for ‘command and control’ and ‘cause and effect’ functions i.e. guard or operator notifications, video recording, video pop-up functions and PTZ preset-on-call. (Note: Assuming a CEM Systems supported video interface has been provided).
This seamless, fully integrated solution helps simplify the day to day management of your intercom systems by providing a single user interface for intercom device management; making it easier to deploy CEM Systems emerald Intelligent Access Terminals into your new or existing intercom architecture.

Ease of Configuration

A simple Intercom Configuration application allows for integration of ICX/AlphaCom stations and the AC2000 system. Using the intuitive software interface, systems administrators can configure ICX/AlphaCom SIP servers, third party SIP subscribers, call redirection and backups, call alarms for ICX/AlphaCom stations and station input alarms. System administrators can also configure outputs to trigger from AC2000 Security Hub application.

Station Import

This application includes a fast intercom configuration function which allows importing of a CSV file exported from Vingtor Stentofon’s AlphaPro application, speeding up the intercom system setup and reducing data entry on both systems. Using the AlphaCom SDK, the Intercom Configuration application can import devices for servers, nodes and stations directly from the ICX/AlphaCom server which can be configured for inputs, outputs and device placements on Security Hub maps.

AlphaCom Alarm and Control Management

Using the AC2000 AlphaCom Alarm Service, it is possible to see alarms on the AC2000 Security Hub for calls made, received, ended or busy, as well as input alarms on ICX/AlphaCom VOIP stations (i.e. Alarm-on-Calls). ICX/AlphaCom devices and inputs can be placed on Security Hub maps to provide alarm notifications and can be used to trigger outputs on ICX/AlphaCom stations (e.g. open door, enable nearby reader, trigger video capture, etc.). If a video integration is operational, video actions can also be attached to these alarms so that Video-on-Call or Preset-on-Call is possible (e.g. moving a camera to look at a ICX/AlphaCom VoIP station that just made or received a call or show video from an ICX/AlphaCom Video-enabled station).

AC2000 Web Application

The SIP Station and Call log web application provides a user friendly interface for displaying call history for all SIP VoIP communications made through the AC2000 system. You can also display a list of all active and inactive SIP based stations attached to AC2000 e.g. emerald readers, AC2000 intercom applications and third party SIP subscribers.


  • AC2000 Security Hub
  • AC2000 v8.0 software
  • AC2000 Stentofon AlphaCom interface license
  • emerald TS200, TS200f, TS300 or TS300f
  • ICX System or AlphaCom XE server and stations