CP-Cam Factory Reset

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This should be carried out only by experienced technicians. The customer is liable for damages caused by improper opening of the housing.

If the entered IP address is unknown, it is possible to reset the address to using the DIP switch. To proceed, the unit must be opened.

Note: A change of the IP address is made via the web interface of the CP-CAM.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Power off the station
  2. Open the CP-CAM so the two DIP switches are accessible ( see picture ).
  3. Note the switch position and then turn both switches to "OFF".
  4. Power On the station
  5. Connect PC with the IP number range and log in.
  6. Turn switch positions back to original positions.
  7. Set the desired IP address in the web interface. Press "Save Changes"
  8. Reboot station
  9. Close housing properly.