CP-Cam viewer

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The CP-Cam viewer is a PC application designed to be used together with the IP Video Door Station - 1401110100 only.

Download the CP-Cam viewer from downloads and install it on the wanted computer. After installation run the program and locate the CP-Cam Viwer icon in the system tray.

CP-Cam Viewer 4.PNG

Right click on the icon and select Settings

Under the Camera tab:

  • 1 Click on the Add CAM button
  • 2 Modulename - descriptive name of that position
  • 3 IP address (URL) - the ip address of the camera
  • 4 Username - default admin
  • 5 Password - default 1234
  • 6 Camera model - Choose Baudisch.CP-CAM
  • 7 Activate by clicking on Apply
  • 8 Pop-up by CP-CAM IO-Interface - Active
  • 9 Repeat 1-8 for all cameras
  • 10 Click on Apply
CP-CAM Camera Settings.png

Under the Video tab:

  • 1 Enable Activate Auto-Pop-up
  • 2 Enable Auto-Minimize, on CP-CAM IO
  • 3 Enable Separate Pop-up window
  • 4 Click on Apply
CP-CAM Video Settings.PNG

To activate the image in the CP-Cam Viewer the AlphaCom must send a command based on a triggered event. In the following example the AlphaCom triggers when someone pressed the call button on the IP Video Door Station. The call button is configured to make a Call Request to the reception (where the CP-Cam Viewer is installed). The AlphaCom will then react on the Received Mail event, and send the command IND %2.phy 2 1 1, which activates an output on the IP Station. The ouput is wired to the CP-Cam which in turn broadcasts a message that the CP-Cam Viewer sees, and therefore reacts with a pop-up of the image.

CP-Cam Viewer 5.PNG

In addition, UDP status messages must be enabled in the door station:

Automatic Popup.PNG