Configuration of ECP-AA1 station - ICX/AlphaCom mode

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Initial Setup

The ECP-AA1 is delivered with factory default settings. By default, the unit's IP settings are configured according to DHCP.

To configure the unit:

  • Press the call button on the unit for it to speak its IP address.
  • Ensure that the IP address of your PC is in the same range as that of the station IP
  • Access the station by logging into the web interface using a standard web browser on a PC
  • In the browers address bar, enter the station IP address and press ENTER key. The station login page will be displayed.
  • Click Login
  • Enter the default User name: admin
  • enter the default Password: alphaadmin
  • Select Station Main > Main Settings
ECP-AA1 config AI 1.png

  • Under Station Mode select Alphacom
  • Under Product Model And Accessory select Kit
  • Depending on system requirements, set the IP Settings to DHCP or Static IP. In the latter case, fill in the network details as required.
  • Click Save
  • On the new page, click Apply

The unit will now reboot.

Audio Settings

Normally no changes are required to be made to the audio settings, but depending on the specific circumstances where the unit is installed, minor adjustments may be needed.

  • Select Advanced Alphacom > Audio
ECP-AA1 config AI 2.png

On this page it is possible to set:

  • Microphone Sensitivity

Volume and noise reduction is configured in AlphaPro

Furthermore, it is possible to select different algorithms for the Conversation Mode.

Note icon Due to the close proximity of the microphone and speaker it may be necessary to select Robust Duplex as Conversation Mode if either the speaker level or the microphone sensitivity is increased from the default setting.

I/O Settings

Select Advanced Alphacom > I/O Settings

ECP-AA1 config AI 3.png

Under Configuration set the following values for the I/O Pins:

  • I/O Pin 1: Input 1
  • I/O Pin 2: Input 2 or Output 2 – depending on the application for which this I/O will be used
  • I/O Pin 3: Input 3 or Output 3 – depending on the application for which this I/O will be used
  • I/O Pin 4: Input 4
  • I/O Pin 5: Output 5
  • I/O Pin 6: Output 6

Click Save

Although the ECP-AA1 will not use these settings until after a reboot, it is not necessary to reboot at this stage.

Output Settings

Use AlphaPro Event Handler and configure the outputs

CCTV Interface

Create this event that activates the relay whenever the station is in use:

ECP-AA1 config AI 4.png

Action commands:

$SET_IPRCO L%1.dir U7 U%chg(1,0)

Click Save

General Settings

Flashing red LED when station is ringing:

ECP-AA1 config AI 5.png

Action commands:

IND %1.phy 15 1 2 %chg(ON,OFF)

Click Save

Steady green LED when station is in conversation:

ECP-AA1 config AI 6.png

Action commands:

IND %1.phy 16 1 1 %chg(ON,OFF)

Click Save

Call Buttons

Both the call button on the unit and the emergency brake input are set up as a call button.

Use AlphaPro to configure the DAK keys:

ECP-AA1 config AI 7.png

Assuming that the call button should call a fixed number:

  • Enter the number to be called in the field Value for both Input 1 and Input 4
  • Call request might be a good option:
    • Call button - I623 I110
    • Emergency brake - I622 I110
  • Click Save