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The station display has 2 lines of 16 characters each. During a conversation the display always shows the number and name for the station you are connected to. The display also shows the selected audio program or the text of an absence message left at the station, or indication of received voice message. The display shows help messages in certain situations, and can be used to find the directory number of any station or feature in the AlphaCom system.

NOTE: The displays shown in the drawings are examples. What is actually shown may be different. The AlphaCom System is very flexible, allowing display texts to be changed to suit each application and language.

Idle Information

When the Display Station is not in use (idle display) the following is typically shown:

On the upper line: the date, year and time
On the lower line: your station number and name

14/01-1999  10:35
299 Sand T.O

Dialing and Conversation

As you dial, the digits are shown in the display, for example:

14/01-1999 10:35
Dial Number: 18 

When you are connected the display shows:

  • First line:

The directory number and the name of the person you are connected with.

  • Second line:

Help info.

189 Peterson J.B.

For more detailed help information, simply press the 0-key. This is convenient if the person is not present, or if you want to use a function during the conversation. Press 0 repeatedly to step through the help list.

Subscriber Directory (NAME)

To look up a subscriber's directory number, simply press the NAME- key. The names are in alphabetical order. The directory is used in the following way:

  • Press (and hold) 7 or 9 to place the cursor on the wanted letter (first letter in the name). The second half of the alphabet is accessed when pressing 9.
  • Press 8 to select.
  • Press 7 or 9 to scroll up/down in the directory list.
  • Press 8 to call the selected station.

The subscriber directory can also be accessed by dialing 614 on the keyboard.

a b c d e f g h k l m n o

  7<-     8=ok     9→

Feature Directory (INFO)

To find out about the features available, press the INFO- key. The guidelines given in the display will help you to look up the feature. The feature directory can also be accessed by dialing 60 on the keyboard.

  • Press (and hold) 9 to find the wanted group of features.
  • Press 8 to select.
  • Press 7 or 9 to scroll up/down in the directory list for the features.
  • Press 8 to activate the feature.
  60   Info Menu
7↑   8=ok     9(down)

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