Faulty Station Line (Event Type)

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Event description

Event Owner: A station or an UDP group
Event type: 13 - Faulty station line
Subevent: 0 = station faults.
2-27 = failure states related to IP-ARIO PA control. (AMC 11.02)
100 = Tonetest failures (AMC
When change to ON: A station's line monitoring has found a problem or if the whole ASLT board becomes faulty
When change to OFF: A station's line monitoring has found the station OK
When related to: N/A


Switch over a PA-system to a standby circuit

Additional information

The faulty station event is reported On after reset/power-off of AlphaCom, if the station was removed during the reset. IP stations and SIP stations are reported faulted if not registered within 4-5 minutes after AlphaCom reset (and the station was registered before the reset). (Since AMCD 10.55, BZ 204)

There is also a default "Faulty Line" event, which becomes active if one more stations are faulty. This event is used for general line error reporting. The reporting is configured from AlphaPro, Exchange & System -> RCI -> Faults: Faulty Line. Default setting is MST 1 0 28, which is by reporting line errors (28) to station 1.