Genetec Security Center - Adding ONVIF compliant Zenitel devices

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This guide describes the process of adding Zenitel devices to the Genetec Security Center. It is assumed that Genetec Security Center has already been set up and is operational and the user is familiar with the operation.

Supported Devices

Video Intercoms

  • Turbine Video intercom and kit: TCIV+
  • Turbine Video kit: TKIV+
  • Turbine Video intercom TCIV (obsolete)

Non-Video Intercoms

  • Turbine Compact series TCIS
  • Turbine Industrial series TFIE
  • Turbine kits TKIE and TKIS
  • EX intercoms series TFIX
  • V2 Master Stations
  • IP Speakers


  • VS-IS must be installed in the Zenitel Device
  • Genetec Security Center: 5.7 SR4 and higher

Configuration in the Zenitel Devices

Additional ONVIF configuration is available from the Web Interface of the device:

  • To receive information about Call Button pressed, "Report DAK as Digital Input in ONVIF" option must be enabled in the Zenitel device prior to discovery.
  • To receive information about Station Call Events (In Conversation, Ringing, In call queue), the "Report station events as Digital Input in ONVIF" must be enabled in the Zenitel device prior to discovery.

Add and configure Zenitel device

  • Open Config Tool and log in.
  • Open Video utility: Tasks > Administration > Video.
Genetec video1.png
Open the video utility

  • In the bottom left corner click on Video Unit to manually add a device, or click on Unit enrollment to automatically discover. We will show how to manually add a device.
Genetec video unit.png
Select video unit

  • In the "Manual add" window set Manufacturer to Zenitel and Product type to Onvif Integration
  • Add the IP address of the Video Unit, the HTTP port, and the login credentials (default credentials are admin/alphaadmin)
  • Click Add or Add and close to add the device
Genetec manual add.png
Manually adding camera

Note icon TCIV+ and TKIV+ use HTTP port 80 for discovery, TCIV and non-video intercoms use HTTP port 8095

  • The added devices are listed under the Archiver
Genetec archiver.png
List of added cameras

  • To change video settings for a camera, expand the Unit and select the camera. To adjust the resolution and quality go to Video tab
Genetec camera settings.png
Adjust camera settings

  • To check the discovered inputs, microphone and speaker, select the unit then go to Peripherals tab
Genetec device peripherals.png
Check device peripherals

Further Information

ONVIF Settings