Group call feature

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Feature: Group call
Default directory number: 84-88, 890-899
Feature number: 39
Parameter 1: 1-250 = Group index number
Parameter 2: PA Control Bitmap: Control Bitmap
Parameter 3: 0 = Dynamic multicast port/address (default). 1-255 = static port/address. (From

Example Param3 = 50 with default IP settings and Node number 1:

  • Multicast IP address:
  • IP port: 61102 (Group call default port 61002 + (2 * 50))
Description: Group call (voice paging) to a group of stations. Dial group number and press M-key to talk.
Note icon In a system with IP Stations, maximum 50 stations will receive group call by default. This is because the group call audio is by default transmitted using unicast. If there are larger groups than 50 members, group calls must use multicast. (AlphaPro: Exchange & System -> System -> VoIP tab -> Enable "Multicast"). See also: Multicast_in_AlphaCom

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