IMT - Exporting and Importing Projects

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IMT offers the possibility to export or import projects. This can be useful for making backup copies of existing projects, or to migrate projects from one PC to another. Export/import functionality works the same for both Standard Project and for VS-SDK for Pulse enabled project.

Export Project

To export project:

  • Open the export dialog from Project > Export Project
  • Click on Browse button to select location for export.
  • Click on EXPORT button

Import Project

To import project:

  • Open the export dialog from Project > Import Project
  • Click on Browse button and navigate to the project export file on local file system.
  • Click on IMPORT button

Project backup package content 

Project backup package contains following compressed data:

  • SQLite database file
  • last updated (if exists) data from each station in project
    • ipst_config.xml
    • address book
    • audio messages
    • certificates
    • configuration scripts
    • SNMP configuration file