IMT - Installation Procedure

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Recommended System Requirements
Operating System Windows 7 x86/64, Windows 8 x86/64, Windows 10 x86/64
Hardware CPU: Dual Core Intel Core or newer

Hard Drive: 40 GB or better
Network Adapter
Display: min 1280x960 pixel resolution


Network ports
TCP 50001 The Stentofon DIP protocol. Used by the Identify module and during Resolving of factory static IP address
UDP 69 TFTP protocol. Used by Software Upgrade service

Installation procedure

The IMT application includes a Windows Installer package named Zenitel IMT 3.x.x.x.msi that will automatically install it on the PC (3.x.x.x being the current software version). The installer has a Setup Wizard that will guide the user through the installation.

To install Zenitel IMT:

  • Double click Zenitel_IMT_3.x.x.x.msi and follow the installation instructions

Once installed, the IMT application will be available in the Start Menu:

  • All Programs > Zenitel > Zenitel IMT

The application data is stored under the main user folder:

  • C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Zenitel\IMT  1

VS-IMT can be uninstalled by running:

  • All Programs > Zenitel > Uninstall Zenitel IMT

(1) Actual path may differ according to the version of Windows installed