INCA Display Station Restore Factory Defaults

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This procedure is the recommended procedure for all IP Stations with Display.

  • The Station Menu is available in both Edge, Pulse and SIP mode.
  • In Alphacom mode the Station Menu is only available when the IP Station is offline mode. i.e. not registered to the server.

See video:


  • Press the Setup button beneath the display
  • Enter the password 1851 and press the Ok button.
  • Navigate to Load defaults and press the Sel button.
  • Press the Sel button to load factory defaults.
Load Defaults in IP Display Station - 1.PNG
Load Defaults in IP Display Station - 2.PNG

Factory default values

The station will now restart with factory settings:

  • Station Mode: Pulse
  • Station IP address:
  • Username: admin
  • Password: alphaadmin
Note icon This procedure may also be applied to the IP Master Station Kit - 1008093000 if a Display is connected.