INCA DualDisplay Station LED Indicators

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Station LED

Station LED

Blinking at 1 second intervals:
Station cannot register to the server/controller

Possible reasons:

  • Invalid network settings (IP address and network mask) in the device
  • Wrong or missing account settings (Server IP, directory number, password..)
  • Failing to register due to missing license in the server
  • The server is offline
  • Network or Server firewall is not blocking port 50001 (ICX-AlphaCom) or 5060 (Edge/SIP)

If the server is on a different subnet, check that

  • A valid Default gateway is defined

No blinking:

Possible reasons:

  • Station connected and registered to the server/controller
  • Station not powered up (if no other LEDs are active)

Blinking at 5 second intervals:

Note icon This LED behaviour only applies in ICX-AlphaCom mode

Station connected but NOT registered in the ICX-AlphaCom

Possible reasons:

  • Station has not been programmed in AlphaPro
  • Missing IP Station license in ICX-AlphaCom