INCA IP DualDisplay Station - Restore Factory Defaults

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The IP DualDisplay station can be reset to Factory Default settings in two ways:

  • From the display menu
  • By a power boot sequence

Load factory defaults via the display menu

The Station Menu is available when the IP Station is in offline mode. i.e. not registered to the server.

  • Press the Setup button beneath the display
  • Enter the password 1851 and press the Ok button.
  • Navigate to Load defaults and press the Sel button.
  • Press the Sel button to load factory defaults.
Load Defaults in IP Display Station - 1.PNG
Load Defaults in IP Display Station - 2.PNG
  • The station will now restart with factory settings

Factory default values

  • Station Mode: Pulse
  • Station IP address:
  • Username: admin
  • Password: alphaadmin

Load factory defaults via power boot sequence

Location of the Privacy button

The unit can be set to use either Static IP or DHCP. Pay attention to the station LED during the restore procedure:

  1. While pressing the Privacy button, power up the station kit and keep the button pressed.
  2. Release the button after exactly 2 flashes of the LED.
  3. Let the LED flash for exactly 2 more times (Static IP) or exactly 4 more times (DHCP), then press the button again.
  4. Keep the button pressed until the LED flashes fast 2 times (Static IP) or flashes fast 4 times (DHCP) indicating a successful reset.
  5. Release the button and the station will restart with the factory default settings.

Factory default values:

  • Station Mode: Pulse
  • Station IP address: or DHCP
  • Username: admin
  • Password: alphaadmin