INCA Station Kit Restore Factory Defaults

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This procedure is applicable for:

The unit can be set to use either Static IP or DHCP. On the rear side of the PCB there is a red status LED. Pay attention to this LED during the restore procedure:

Connect a push button between pins 1 and 4


  1. Connect a push button (KEY1) between pin 1 and 4 on the P4 connector.
  2. While pressing the button, power up the station kit and keep the button pressed.
  3. Release the button after exactly 2 flashes of the LED.
  4. Let the LED flash for exactly 2 more times (Static IP) or exactly 4 more times (DHCP), then press the button again.
  5. Keep the button pressed until the LED flashes fast 2 times (Static IP) or flashes fast 4 times (DHCP) indicating a successful reset.
  6. Release the button and the station will restart with the factory default settings.

Factory default values

  • Station Mode: Pulse
  • Station IP address: or DHCP
  • Username: admin
  • Password: alphaadmin